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Originally Posted by niggles View Post
When you have Patterson and Salmons and Vasquez and a better Ross, it should show up in better decisions because you have better options at your disposal. I'm not a fan of Casey, wanted him gone before the season, but if Masai's benchmark for evaluation is growth, Casey has done that. One thing that I think has been missed since the trade is the tenaciousness of our defense. Finally getting the team to buy in to this, leaves me uncertain that he'll be toast at the end of the season. No reason you can't extend a coach for one season, maybe two. At any rate at season's end, I don't think Masai will reveal his decision quickly enough for some of the poster's on this board.
Originally Posted by TORaptor4Ever View Post
Was actually going post something along these lines. Kudos.

I wouldn't classify myself as "pro-Casey" but this team is playing MUCH better basketball lately and it would be silly to suggest that he didn't have at least a LITTLE something to do with that.

The added depth on our bench has really helped.
Originally Posted by bjjs View Post
He has really coached a few nice games since Rudy's departure, but made some odd decisions in others. I think it comes down to experience - he doesn't have a lot of it, he's mostly been an assistant. I'm curious to see how his in-game strategy and decision making develops throughout the rest of the year with the line-up as it is.
You guys give me hope in Raptor fans. At least I'm not the only one who sees things from this perspective.
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wow salmon after missing all his shots
really coach that's the best you can do

good thing aaron gray is not here anymore he might sub Jonas too

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If anything casey needs to work on his play for the last 20-10 seconds left of the game. I know durant is a beast but not telling your team to be alert for a quick 3pt inbound play by a guy whos known to shoot like a beast is something that makes me shake my head. Like we taking it for granted.

This reminded me of when Kobe was draining 3s in the last few minutes of the game where it SEEMED like we were going to win it.

All too familiar.
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I'm not jumping up and down with Loving Casey, but I do believe he is coaching better this season ... while we still have some inbound gaffs, there not at the same rate as last year ...

I think he is learning ... is he a top 10 coach ... I don't think he ever will be ... he's just not strong enough on the x's and o's
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