Offense sacrifice for Defense
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Default Offense sacrifice for Defense

Note***I'm going do some ranting; just a head up my English writing online is not so great but bare with me

Well lets begin by saying this team is becoming pathetic and pathetic in the offensive stand point. As being the best offensive team last year to adding 9 new player with more offensive sets I came to my assumption that this team will do good in the offensive end in the beginning of this season; but I got to say they fail hard and I got bored watching Raptor play this year because they can't score consistently when they have leads and stupid Jay Traino add his so called Defense system which obviously they cant do and screw up the player offensive stand point. Its already 24 game in and I think at least the Defense is a bit better but honestly does he think the team will win just with that? I say Defense is important but not more important then Offense in my opinion. What if their Defense become good but do they sacrifice it over for what they can do best at; I think its not worth it.

Bosh - I shouldn't say much about him because he's been most entertaining thus far both offensively and defensively, but my only concern with him is that he loses his most comfortable shot and doesn't do much of it anymore the jumper or whenever he does it 90% it goes in and 10% it doesn't

Barg - I think the defense system screw him very hard and because of it he seem more confuse out in court and hesitant to get easy baskets (especially 3 point shot). I say that because most of the shot seem too rough and brutal and not smooth like it's use to; and like I said he is confuse because he is mixing his shot with defensive play and that how he get foul quickly. Reggie shouldn't teach him anymore or else he'll get even more confuse but their a way to save Barg and that is to make him stop learning defense and go back playing the way how he use to and build on that so he can hear Jack or Delvin say Amango ^_^

Jose - Last season he miss alot of game due to injuries; training camp he learn the new Defensive system. When Jose play hard on defensively he gets injured and now he miss 2 game more and who or what to blame: well partially its Traino but mainly it's the Defensive. Though i say he not as confuse as Barg because he's 50% of what he is still is but that 50% he loses his offensive due to defensive. Like Barg Traino should let him stop learning defense and let him go back playing the way he use to and get his 3 pointer so that he can do his 3 pointer hand sign ^_^

Hedo - I dunno what to say about him because I never liked him and BC should of gotten Shawn back instead of signing him but anyway what he did for Orlando was great but he a Raptor now and he should step it up. We all know he can play and created and play defense; I think Hedo game is not only about him being Mr.4th quarter. I think he only do good and play with enthusiasm if the team plays well but if the team is doing poorly he will do poorly; he need to be in sync with everyone if not he wont be consistent with his shot and just be lazy and don't give a damn.

DeMar - What can I say about DeMar?, well he's a rookie and he can drive and get drunks . Maybe we should make him our next franchise player because he willing to learn and practice hard. Before Bosh leaves if he decided to he should give him advice on how to shoot jumpers better. Reggie when healthy he can pump up the kid and let him learn some tough defense. Ask Jose and Jack to teach him how to be a PG so if one of them go down they dont have to rely on Banks. Only thing left is to find someone to teach him how to shoot 3 pointer shots then we'll unlock his potential. Btw is there a way too speed up his speed I thought up a great name for him if he can speed up. I'll call him D-Flash; why because whenever he goes from the side and get a dunk no one notice him there most of the time. Also he said himself he like going into the glass without anyone noticing I think I heard from one of the interview.

Anyways Traino working too hard on his team with defense when he is blind to the eyes to not see that it not working at all; just stick with what we have and train them all offensively. Right now at least our defense is much better then what it was last year and if we have our offensive back at 100% no weak team or strong team should be any of a threat anymore or lets hope.

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