New problems with team travelling over the border?
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Default New problems with team travelling over the border?

A quiet confidence but also a sense of trepidation - Doug Smith's Sports Blog

Iím pretty sure there are going to be some cranky Raptors at the start of some road trips this year and if Tim and The Henchmen are serious about enhancing the teamís reputation around the league they better get this fixed.

For some business reason made at the top, the HOTH now charter with Delta after years with Air Canada (I was told Air Canada wants to get out of the charter business) and itís got the potential to be a pain in butt.

Delta flies out of the antiquated Terminal 3 at Pearson and the US departure area is so old and small and terrible itís a bit of an embarrassment.

The team has to take a bus from the charter terminal at the north end of the airport to Terminal 3 where they have to clear customs, do security and board. Terminal 3 is so small, so inadequate that itís a huge pain, one that really is unnecessary.

With Air Canada, they had the same bus process but the security and customs area at Terminal 1 is significantly better and they had dedicated Customs and security lines that made it a little bit better; at Terminal 3, if theyíre even a few minutes late, they stand with the people in a tiny area and, trust me after talking to some people, they are not all that pleased about it.

Whatís Tim to do? Well, he and Larry and the other politically connected bigwigs need to talk to people in Ottawa and Washington and write a big cheque so that US Customs agents go to the North Lounge, clear the players there so they can do security there and just walk onto the plane.

Itís not a huge thing but if they think a state of the art training facility somewhere away from the ACC is necessary, Iíd suggest making road trips more palatable should be the first priority.
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Me thinks dougie doesn't like TL all that much. lol
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Doug is ornery these days for sure. I try and stay away from anything he writes any more because he rarely writes anything of value. This tidbit is interesting though... Air Canada is obviously a big partner with MLSE having the naming rights to the building. It's disappointing they can't provide the service for the team. It's not a cost negotiation... Air Canada simply doesn't want to do it. I bet the players would love to fly out of the island with porter. It's interesting though, this problem has long term effects.
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Wow.... Air Canada's dumping AC JETZ? Didn't hear anything about this.... gonna have to look into it some more. A bit surprising.


Elliot Friedman had a blurb about the situation...

Business story to watch: The Vancouver Sun reported how the Canucks cut ties with Air Canada for team travel. It is possible several other teams will follow because, during the lockout, the airline reconfigured its planes and now doesn't have enough with the necessary first-class seating throughout. Air Canada's private service is generally very good and had contracts with approximately half the league for this year. The lockout crushed its business (one estimate: we're talking eight figures) and the company is a major sponsor for some of these teams. How will Air Canada respond if more clubs bail?

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Nexus line wtf.

And does he really think anyone is going to tolerate standing there for an extra hour each time or will they fix it or switch carriers again? Can this bitter man not give anyone credit for not being stupid? Does he think they can't arrange for a way to clear security quicker too?

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