New channel coming for Leafs, Raptors, TFC?
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New channel coming for Leafs, Raptors, TFC?

Don't they essentially have their own channels? On the other hand, if they showed a lot more classic Raps games i'd be alright with that.

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is poised to take a billion-dollar gamble in broadcasting.

Now that the “for sale” sign has been taken off Canada’s highest-profile sports company, sources say Maple Leaf Sports is planning to move ahead and develop a regional sports channel that would show Maple Leafs, Raptors and Toronto FC games.

It will be a complex and risky move that will require difficult negotiations with cable operators and advertisers alike. Sports industry executives say a search committee formed by Maple Leaf Sports to find its next chief executive is considering a former Montreal Canadien for the job.

Pierre Boivin, a highly regarded veteran of the sport industry, was the Canadiens president from 1999 until earlier this year. He also worked as chief executive of Bauer Nike Hockey and now works with Claridge, a Montreal firm that manages the interests of the billionaire Bronfman family.
Maple Leaf Sports plans broadcast gamble -

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What is the point..
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Originally Posted by 0nekhmer View Post
What is the point..
Getting us to pay for it.
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OMG, i guess that more 240p online streaming games -____-
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I read about this in the Toronto Star today and I think the argument against this is a strong one (i.e. the advertising/marketing it would cost would still not ensure a true success, mainly because marketing for the Leafs is spread among 3 channels and sometimes during high profile shows etc.).
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Why the hell would any customer want that?
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I get that they're trying to replicate what the Yankees did with YES in the states, but the airwaves down there simply aren't as heavily regulated as they are up here. Anything having to do with the NRTC these days is best avoided. Jesus, look at where Canada ranks right now in terms of cell phone plans, fees, and coverage.
I also see that the only "national" product that they have are the Leaves. Good luck seeling the other two to people outside of the GTA.
Unless they can pull off a miracle and get it included, somehow, in the lower 70 channels and it isn't classified as a specialty, then no way.
As it is, I'm thinking of just getting a used Mac Mini, set up a virtual entertainment hub, HDMI into TV, and have all my shows automatically download to the HD and go from there commercial free.
Getting tired of paying through the ass for "extras".
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