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Dr. J. Naismith 02-16-2008 11:00 AM

Moon Guarantees Dunk Contest Win
Uh-oh ... I hope this doesn't backfire in his face. :(

In any case, I can't fackin' wait. :dance:


Originally Posted by Toronto Sun
Raptors' rookie Jamario Moon has guaranteed a win in Saturday night's Slam Dunk Competition, according to SLAM! Sports.

"I got it," Moon told SLAM! Sports. "I've got it in my pocket right now. I believe in me, and I'm sure those guys believe in what they do. But I think I've got some nice dunks. I've got a couple (in reserve) in case they do something crazy and make me go a little deeper into the hat. I believe in myself."

Link - Click here

INSIDER 02-16-2008 11:55 AM

see that, right there.... thats what it takes to win: preparation.
he's prepared.
i cant wait!

Kuzzy 02-16-2008 04:07 PM

its all moon babyy

lang 02-16-2008 04:14 PM

I'm not sure if he can guarantee a win with the fan voting, but I'm sure he can guarantee the best dunks of the night. Hopefully NBA fans will vote in the best dunker.

Dr. J. Naismith 02-16-2008 10:39 PM

I guess Moon talked a little too much. :(

BTW, both of Green's dunks were fuckin' lame. :grrr:

Belsius 02-16-2008 10:50 PM

Wow, this constest was a huge dissapointedment. Only really good dunk was howards second and it wasnt even a dunk.

wtf did moon dunk the second try? he was 3 feet off the tape.

Belsius 02-16-2008 10:52 PM

the worst thing is I have the feeling that jamario and gay had a couple of dunks that could have been epic for the finals

EDIT: Gerald greens first of the finals was pretty good.

Counting all the dunks, Howard should win, but in the finals green was better.

Dr. J. Naismith 02-16-2008 10:55 PM

D12's 1st round dunks were impressive as was Moon's. Jamario made a huge mistake with using that tape as a marker and I think he should just ran the court with the ball ala MJ instead of getting Kapono to assist him. :(

Green's dunks were flat out boring. :grrr:

Ah well, enough of the whining. Howard deserves it. :clapping:

lang 02-16-2008 10:56 PM

I didn't read the rules fast enough, but could Jamario retake that dunk within his 2 minutes if he wasn't happy with it?

Dr. J. Naismith 02-16-2008 10:59 PM


Originally Posted by lang (Post 10895)
I didn't read the rules fast enough, but could Jamario retake that dunk within his 2 minutes if he wasn't happy with it?

Nope, once you hit it the dunks counts. :(

What most didn't see or realize if that Moon palmed and dunked it with his left hand. Albeit a foot inside the foul line, it was still pretty impressive. :clapping:

Belsius 02-16-2008 11:00 PM

One thing Im sure that even if Moon had jumped from the three point line for a dunk, howard would have won the contest. So I almost prefer this way so Im not pissed with the voters.

Oh well, next year for Jamario.

Dr. J. Naismith 02-16-2008 11:11 PM

I wanted to see his dunk with two balls that he was bragging about. I guess he was saving that for the finals. :(

But your right Bel, there's always next year for Jamario. ;)

pimpery 02-16-2008 11:12 PM

Moon talked alot of smack, and looked wack.... once again this was disappointing, like i said love him or hate him VC = best ever at this, everything after him is so lame in comparison and Moon couldnt even talk to him when it comes to exciting dunks... until the real acrobats wanna come to this challenge and not just guys trying to make a name, it wont matter, unless a new VC emerges... and dont tell me its moon

Belsius 02-16-2008 11:13 PM

IMO moment Howard put on the superman cape, he had won the contest.

Dr. J. Naismith 02-16-2008 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by Belsius (Post 10901)
IMO moment Howard put on the superman cape, he had won the contest.

Exactly ... the dunk competition is all about the show and gimmicks. But, with that being said D12's superman dunk was freakin' insane. A man that big, shouldn't be able to jump that high. :eek:

Dr. J. Naismith 02-16-2008 11:18 PM

This was nuts. :clapping:


Acie 02-16-2008 11:20 PM


Howard threw it in the basket and he was a foot inside of where he put the tape too, but no one mentioned it like they did when Moon did it.

Kuzzy 02-16-2008 11:22 PM

howard was better and much more creative hands down, but gren :eek:
Moon deserved to go to the finals.
and atleast get the extra cash :)

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