Marco needs stability when shooting
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Default Marco needs stability when shooting

I have seen him shoot a few times and each time he would be fading away, to the back or to the side or at a 45 degree angle whether he needs to fade or not. I wonder if the coach or shooting coaches have discussed this with him or if they even need to ?

I almost get the feeling he is going to fade away and fall to the ground while shooting a free throw.
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It's almost natural to a shooter like him, but I do agree with you. His shooting isn't consistent right now and setting his feet and having balance will most definitely help.
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he does it forward too
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hahaha I guess it's just how he likes it. During set shots, sure. We may need the fade-away looks sometime.
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Observation: he plays like he's blindfolded. Doesn't really look at the basket before shooting.
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THANK YOU! every time i see him shoot all crazy like that I snap!! DeMar used to do it for all his shots, his legs are under control for the most part now and he's hitting shots!! Except when he's in a rush shooting, then I find he loses his composure.
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it's awkward, it's lousy form, but seems like his shots are coming from his upper body. whatever the angle of his lower body, his shoulders (and shot) are pretty straight and he's got the strength to pull that off.
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I never shoot straight up and down unless I'm absolutly open or warming up...I have a good shot in general.

Some players just shoot differently look at Shawn Marion, Bill Cartwright & Jordan for that matter, it doesn't matter how they do it as long as they are effective.
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I started doing that over the summer, when you jump up and kick your legs like he does it adds distance to your shot because it drives motion up your body and you push the ball more. However its a bit unconsistent and looks ugly, my coach drilled that out of me.
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he usually shoots like this when coming off screens. I think he could learn a thing or two from AP. Now he was good at shooting off the screen.
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honestly as long as he hits them its better that he shoots like that, he can score shots that are diffucult by leaning and doing whatever he does
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yep - the craziness works for him. He needs to work on his body control during the offseason though.
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i agree wtih what this threads about

his shots are never consistent form wise, its always fade aways, thats why he gets hot and cold majority of the time

he needs to tone it down a bit, hit some set shots with a dice of fade aways, it help him being more consistent, plus keep him on the floor more,
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