Lowry wins George Gross sportsman of the year award
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landry fields forever

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Default Lowry wins George Gross sportsman of the year award

He opens up in a way he doesnít often, upon learning he is the 11th winner of the George Gross Award as Toronto Sun Sportsman of the Year, seeing Roy Halladayís name on the list of winners before him: That one caught him more than any other.

ďIím from North Philly,Ē he said with a smile. Halladay means something in North Philly.

A day after the Raptors failed to sign Steve Nash as a free agent, Bryan Colangelo brought Lowry in from Houston in a trade for a first-round pick and somebody named Gary Forbes. Lowry remembers his emotion on that day.

ďTwo and done and Iím going home,Ē he said.

He wanted nothing to do with the Raptors.

ďI figured two years and Iíd be a free agent and go somewhere else. This wasnít where I wanted to be. I tell people that all the time. You canít predict your future. You have to live it by the day.

ďTwo years ago, I would not have envisioned sitting here and talking to you about an award Roy Halladay won, but Iím happy I am. Things have worked out perfectly. I love the city. I love the organization. I love being here. I love where Iím at. Itís interesting how things happen.

ďOur season last year was a helluva story. I was traded (to New York). Essentially, I was gone. My best friend (Rudy Gay) got traded. It was all messed up.Ē

From that came the most memorable Raptors season in years ó this helluva story, a budding, growing electric fan base, a last-shot chance to win a playoff series, a team now dominating the Eastern Conference standings, talk of Lowry as an all-star (heís never been one before), an MVP candidate (heís never been mentioned before), a $48-million contract, and now this, a new beginning for Lowry in his ninth NBA season ó a new place for him in the star-driven NBA.

How would he react post-contract? Thatís always a question for any athlete. Especially one with potholes on his resume.

Some take the money and run. Heís taken the money and run the offence.

ďIím motivated,Ē said Lowry. ďIím more motivated than Iíve ever been. It wasnít about getting a contract. I was going to get that. Itís about me fulfilling my contract, doing my duties. Itís about winning. Itís about working harder. They gave me the money for a reason. Itís about being a professional.

ďI have a lot more to give. For me, itís not just about right now. Itís about next season and the season after that. Itís about the future. I donít satisfy easily. Thereís a long way to go.Ē

ďItís extremely crazy whatís gone on,Ē he said. ďI lost my boy in Rudy, but I was gaining a boy in DeMar. Itís funny how basketball brings guys together that would never be friends. This kidís from Compton, Calif. Iím from North Philadelphia. Weíre 3,000 miles apart and weíre very similar and very close.

ďWhen youíre young, you donít really understand whatís going on in your life. You have to go through a process. Iím older now, Iím wiser. Iíve got a family and a wife. Iíve got a team that counts on me every single night. It wasnít always like that.

ďBack then, I was young, sassy, didnít like to do interviews, wouldnít sit here and say this, wouldnít speak out loud, wouldnít incorporate everybody. Now I know how important it is to have friends, to have people who can say, ĎLetís go to dinner.í To have people to talk to. To trust people.

ďIíve got a great back-court mate in DeMar. We talk everyday. Rudyís my guy, my best friend. But having DeMar here has been great. Weíve taken this friendship to a whole new level.Ē

Lowry has everything he needs in Toronto: His family. His friends. His team on the rise, along with his career. And his relationship with Masai Ujiri, the general manager who had him traded away, but made him understand what he was capable of being. This isnít one-and-done for him. This is Year 9 in the NBA for him ó and itís really another beginning.

Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry wins George Gross sportsman of the year award | G
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Is sick and tired of Casey

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love it!
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making funny and strange dark trade in his mind !!!

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nice read !
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at MSG failing a pointless 360 degree dunk during a losing streak

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Default Lowry also East MVP so far....Stein.

East MVP of the First Trimester - Marc Stein Blog - ESPN

"With All-Star backcourt mate DeMar DeRozan missing the entire month through injury, Lowry is shooting .407 on 3-pointers in December while hiking his PER into the NBA's top 10 at a heady 24.0. Lowry is basically a 20-8-and-5 guy now and has nudged Toronto all the way up to No. 2 in the league in offensive efficiency (111.7 points per 100 possessions) as well as No. 2 in average nightly point margin at a healthy plus-8.1.

I'm guessing King James will understand, with his Cavs off to such an uneven start, once he reads those last two paragraphs again."
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waiting for DeRozan to return

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Somewhere in New York, Dolan shakes his head

Masai the ninja will fleece you even the trades you DON'T make
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