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Originally Posted by Mr. Mxyzptlk View Post
^well that seals it for me then

fire JT, BC, Embry, Gherardini, Kelly, Fruitman, Eversley, Williams, English, Carlesimo, Nori, Roth and Hughes

hell, why we're at it let's fire the Athletic Trainer, Assistant Trainer/Athletic Therapist, Assistant Trainer/ Massage Therapist, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Team Medical Director/ Orthopaedic Surgeon, Assistant Team Medical Director, Equipment Manager & Travel Coordinator, Assistant Equipment Manager, Team Services Coordinator, Team Security Consultant, Video Coordinator and the Assistant Video Coordinator

why ????....because someone at 2K Sports said that we have a terrible D...they are obviously the experts and all the people above are fucking idiots

right ??
hold your horses there buddy.. why would they have clark kellogg record a historically bad defensive statement if it didn't hold any weight? not too mention you apparently can't comprehend the word 'even', like 2k was the only one to make that claim?

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is pounding the rock!

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and the Raptors d isn't 'terrible'??!?!?!

the fact you used the term terrible, and not the phrase that had been used, historically bad, means you don't think Raptors d since 2009 hasn't been terrible?

lmao you are one delusional fan boy.. imma pray for you to be able to think rationally. have a blessed day
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