Log jam - Johnson and Johnson
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Default Log jam - Johnson and Johnson

Wilful Blindness or pure potential? Disregarding everything you know now about Johnson one may continue to only see highlights of Johnson. For this reason, I would like to thank YouTube. YouTube has made people become wilfully blind. It has completely revolutionized the way an average fan seeís a player. You see what happens is, we, as fanatics do not have the networking available to do a full scouting report on players so we reside to highlights we see on YouTube. In the case of Amir Johnson, this has proven quite true. What people donít know is that Amir Johnsonís main struggle isnít not enough playing time or chances. His main struggle is his ability to be consistent and persevere.

Then people enquire why Johnson started 24 games last season. And thatís an easy answer. McDyess got traded early in the season and then fell to injury. What people donít know is that when McDyess came back he said he would come off the bench behind Johnson, but I guess management didnít have the same idea. After Johnson plays off the bench you virtually see no production from him. Then over time he loses minutes, and when all was said and done he was traded to Milwaukee. Regardless, inconsistency still screamed his name in the 4 seasons heís been in the league. (Though I wouldnít hold the first 2 seasons enormously against him)

His potential is through the roof, but is he willing to train to show what heís worth. I mean we could see a player who rides the bench all season behind Evans and Rasho. Or we could see a player showing tons of fight and hard work, something this team will need to give them a boost when they are down. Johnson role will be primary energy, defence, and making it work on offence. As for the fans, I will leave you to decide whether or not you guys have been wilfully blind to do the media misconstruing things, or if you truly see pure potential in Johnson.

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