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Originally Posted by LX View Post
The bigs had very little to do with France going off. It was all on long-range shots and perimeter breakdowns. The Lithuanian offence did sputter at the same time though, and I think that was where the comfort level came into play. There was definitely a level of panic. Still, moremilk is right about the rebounding - the vets should have built a sizeable lead in the the first 15 minutes. They shot 60 percent and better than 50 on threes, to France's 40 percent, and yet the game was basically even. It might have been good to have had Jonas starting. There just wasn't a good mix between the older and younger players that worked just so. And I would think France was going to pull away at one point or another regardless.
Yup agree with this. Why put in 3 young guys at the same time. They needed to mix it up with vets and young guys.
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Originally Posted by LOG View Post
uhmm did you even watched the game? Lithuania had lead by 1or 2 untill JV Dmo and Kuzminskas stepped on the floor. they got destroyed and that lead turned in to -13 (thats when batum scored bunch of points) obviosly that nearly half court shot didnt make things better either. With vets on the floor game was in balance.
didn't see the full game, missed the last 6-7 minutes of the 2nd quarter when france took the big lead. Still, in the 2nd half, the LT's defense was swiss cheese, they scored inside at will and grabbed offensive rebound after offensive rebound. And on offense, LT's plan was apparently to swing the ball a few times and then shoot a contested 3. When they put JV back, he got their first offensive board of the game within seconds ...
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