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Originally Posted by fancylad View Post

As for the injuries, i'm all for having our boys heal fully and not rush them into action. This team is totally deep enough to handle being short of Bosh and Bargnani for a few games . If that stretched into a few weeks, then ya... i would worry.
We'll be fine against the Charlottes and LEbron-less Cavs but not the Suns or Celtics. Divisional games, even this early in the season are crucial. If either of the B's can play(pain or no pain) they should.
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the problem with these injuries is the timing, obviously. we havent gotten into a consistent stretch of play where you know what you're getting every night. there's been a lot of line-up changes, a lot of on-the-fly changes, which situationally is needed given the significant absences of Bargs and bosh. but this is probably our toughest month, and to not have Bosh and Bargs is one thing, to be so up and down right now is a problem. everyone's complaining about the nets, how in trouble they are. we're two losses away from being in the cellar with them. the parity isnt that great, and for this team to be what its purported to be, we should be a lot better than 10 and 9.
We're deep. That's an obvious strength, but this team doesn't win a stretch a games, which is what we need to start to doing, thats what playoff teams do. To do that we need not Bosh. We need Bosh at full strength, firing on all cylinders. we don't need Bargnani. we need an agressive bargnani, playing in the flow, not rushing, taking the ball to the basket first, opening up some space for his jumper.

The brightest light thus far has been delfino and calderon. where would we be without the play of those guys?
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Completely agreed Cling. Last night could have been a game had you subtracted a Graham who suddenly needed to be told by his teammates where the hell he was supposed to be once the third quarter came along, and added a Bosh. Not to mention that Jose kept tossing passes to Rasho that only Bosh could have handled. Those types of things really turned the tide against us.

And yep - my worry is that these guys come back and still need a couple of weeks to get into sync. They are just going to have to scrap it out through December, and then pick up the pieces, and hopefully get on a good roll, peaking at playoff time.
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