Land of the LOST
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is pounding the rock!

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Land of the LOST

First off,
All of these, so called hoopsters, shoud know; that the raps are on the right track to a well off future. Bosh.....would not be , who he is today with out the raps trust, when VC, went to the nets....and Grady's MOM told him to go to the magic....All have fallen to the Raptors jinx.....You have it good ...ppl love you and you punk out.... CB1, will now never be an all-star, cause his numbers are all over the place, an the Heat look like Boston...WHEN BIG BABY WAS CRYING IN THE PLAYOFFS, THAT YEAR.......CB1, now knows the raps curse, DON'T MAKE A NAME HERE IN CANADA, THEN THINK U'LL DO THE SAME ON A DIFFERENT TEAM. To the young players on the raps........THIS IS YOUR TIME,THIS IS YOUR MOVE,A COUNTRY IS BACKING YOU,AND EVERY PLAY IS IMPORTANT.....WE love your talent , We love your energy, We love the jokes, We move forward with you....But .....Trust in one an other, You lack brotherhood, if you hit my homie hard ......i'm a hit 3x harder, if calls not going my way....i'll turn my back and box out.....go over me and get it....but DUNKS.......would not are :too young,too tough, to smart, too fast and too high flying to not make the playoffs....Take an extra 50 shots , run an extra 5 laps....u'll see the difference....and u'll move forward, and be Great......2010 Raptors IS THE BEST IN 6 YRS.....YOU WILL OVER COME...... THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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is pounding the rock!

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i'm feeling the love
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effin' ineffable

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What's second off?
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was this written with a stenograph
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is getting to the line..

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I like it
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rootin for the eagles, boise state, the leafs, raps, and jays

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I don't like reading walls of text that look like garbage. Fix it and I might.
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is all bout dat life

Can't knock the Hustle
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I'm sick and tired of this hype
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saying Go Bucks, Raptors, 49ers, Reds and Blue Jackets!

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Originally Posted by Chiggmo View Post
I don't like reading walls of text that look like garbage. Fix it and I might.
He basically said CB1 is now jinx just like Carter and McGrady were when they left Toronto.

Likes the young guys on the Raptors and said they have a entire country backing them. Said the fans love their energy & talent.

Then went on and said they need to back each other up. Also said they're too good to not make the playoffs this year.

Best team in 6 years and Go raptors!

That will be $50 now.

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