Khandor's Sports Blog: Uh-oh, Here He Goes Again
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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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Default Khandor's Sports Blog: Uh-oh, Here He Goes Again

Originally Posted by Khandor's Sports Blog
Here is this year’s direct quote from the Raptors’ President/GM:

Raptors makeover will work: Bryan Colangelo
Originally Posted by Bryan Colangelo
“The scope of the makeover definitely changed from what we originally thought but it wasn’t because we didn’t feel like we should do some of those things,” the president and general manager explained. “It was because we were limited in what we thought we had available to us.”

That all changed after a bold four-team, double sign-and-trade transaction centred on Hedo Turkoglu and Shawn Marion which gave Colangelo the resources to complete a rather remarkable makeover that will be fully unveiled at the team’s annual media day today.

“We’re much better off for it,” said Colangelo. “With all the new faces it’s going to be a challenge … but we really did want to make some changes.

“We’ve accomplished it on paper and now we have to put it all together.”
There’s the rub.

Yes, on paper the Raptors seem vastly improved over the squad that finished last season 33-49.

They have five backups who have been NBA starters and a big starting lineup seemingly more talented than it’s been in years.

But paper isn’t reality; no one can tell what is actually going to transpire during the course of a season.


There’s the rub?

Here is what he had to say last season, at this exact same time:

On paper … the best team the Raptors have had

Originally Posted by Bryan Colangelo
“On paper, in terms of just pure talent, I would say, yes, this is the best team we’ve had,” the Raptor president and general manager said Monday afternoon.

On paper?

On paper … means absolutely squat, in the NBA environment.

How a team’s players and coaches fit together, or not, whether they can create individual mismatches which their squad can then take full advantage of, and/or whether they can combine to minimize the match-up advantages which their opponents have based on their respective strengths and weaknesses, etc., are not things which can be assertained with accuracy from looking at a collection of statistical data accounting for “seasonal/career averages” in a plethora of categories ranging from simple to advanced.

Regardless of what the “stats gurus” will try to tell you about “How the game works”, the team that will eventually win the 2009-2010 NBA Championship will not be determined by:

A. How it happens to look on paper;

B. How it happens to perform in a NBA video game;

C. How its players may happen to rank in a NBA Fantasy Hoops contest;

D. etc.

There are 5 teams with a legitimate shot at winning the title this year:

1 LA Lakers [the reigning champions, 65 wins last season]
2 Boston Celtics [the 2007-2008 champions, 62 wins last season]
3 San Antonio Spurs [the 2006-2007 champions, 54 wins last season]
4 Orlando Magic [the reigning finalists, 59 wins last season]
5 Cleveland Cavaliers [the 2006-2007 finalists, 66 wins last season]

based upon:

1 The overall strength of their organization, from top to bottom;
2 The Quality Depth on their roster, specifically designed to create and minimize individual match-up advantages for themselves and their opponents, respectively;
3 Their team’s ability to Rebound & Defend, in general … and, specifically, on certain crucial possessions which decide the final outcome of playoff games;
4 Their collective ability to play Shared Team Offense;
5 Their star players’ abilities to make crucial plays, where necessary, in all three main phases of the game, i.e. Defense, Offense and Rebounding;
6 The quality of their coaching; and,
7 The quality of their GMing.


Unfortunately, what is now painfully obvious for the Raptors is the lack of an over-riding plan for this organization to ever win a NBA championship while operating under the ownership of MLSE.

Since April 2004, when Glen Grunwald was fired from his position, as GM for the team, the Raptors have been in almost constant state of flux:

2003-2004, Grunwald-O’Neill
33-49/.402, 10th place, missed the playoffs

2004-2005, Babcock-Mitchell
33-49/.402, 11th place, missed the playoffs

2005-2006, Babcock-Mitchell/Colangelo-Mitchell
27-55/.313, 12th place, missed the playoffs

2006-2007, Colangelo-Mitchell
47-35/.573, 3rd place, 1st Rd playoff loss

2007-2008, Colangelo-Mitchell
41-41/.500, 6th place, 1st Rd playoff loss

2008-2009, Colangelo-Mitchell/Colangelo-Triano
33-49/.402, 13th place, missed the playoffs

2009-2010, Colangelo-Triano
?, ?, ?

Teams “in a constant state of flux” do not know what they are doing when it comes to ever being able to build a championship operation in the NBA … in spite of their own ability to make $$$ hand-over-fist, on an annual basis.

It takes a high degree of Basketball Acumen to actually win the title in this league … and THIS simply isn’t to be found on a piece of paper, or through crunching numbers.
Source - khandor’s sports blog Blog Archive Uh-oh, here he goes again
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kinds hard to judge a team other than 'on paper' before they've played even a pre-season game...
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I think it's entirely possible to see BC as having provided stability with all the long-term contracts, so I don't get the state of flux idea at all. Still - it is all going to come down to the contracts bringing the desired results, and we'll have to wait on that. But just because he made a similar statement in an entirely different context a year ago, doesn't mean that there's any correlation.
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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
kinds hard to judge a team other than 'on paper' before they've played even a pre-season game...
It's not hard if you have the "basketball acumen" that khandor claims to have.

That guy's a clown. He claims to have some kind of background in basketball scouting but when I challenged him to be specific about that, he dodged the question. He's so arrogant that he makes me look humble in comparison. At least I have the balls to put my real name behind my statements.
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is pounding the rock!

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ugh... why the face???????

Dude states the pretty obvious.
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it takes a pretty stupid person not to see the "over-riding plan for this organization to ever win a NBA championship ". You can argue if it's a good plan or not, but to say you can't see it it's strange. Hint: calderon, derozan, tur, Bargnani and hopefully Bosh are all signed to long term contracts. Derozan and Bargnani are still far from their potential. If they reach it, this team will be top 5 and contend.

there's really two way of winning in this league: build your own talent up and tweak it every year (like portland) or the brute-force approach where you sign top FAs using the team's attractiveness. (LA and Boston way). Of course, there's the 3rd way (pray to god you get the #1 pick and a lebron like player, aka the Cleveland/SAS way).

Obviously for a team like toronto, the only realistic aproach is the 1st, since it's hard to get big names to come here.
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What's so bad with what Colangelo said. He said with all the new players it'll be a challenge but on paper they're a better team. And that now they need to execute. Sounds good to me.
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Another blogger.... Gone are the good old days when to publish something, one had to be a recognized name in the field and get through some editorial control. I know, sounds ironic coming from a guy on a public message board, but don't you miss those times every so often?

On the other hand, looking at the quality of the professional basketball writers in Toronto media over the years, maybe those old days weren't so good after all.
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I think we are gonna be so good that all these writers are just going to shit themselves and call it a day
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