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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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Originally Posted by westbeach View Post
True story - fan (Season Ticket holder) in front of me cheers for Andrea everytime he makes a shot but whenever he misses, its, "You Suck!". What's that all about? Expect the guy to make 100% of his shots?
Yeah, I was like that too with the Blue Jays but I was 12. I loved Candy Maldonaldo when he was hitting the ball and knocking it out of the park, but cursed him whenever he struck out.
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laughing at Marbury

is bitch slappin the raps
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wow u gotta be kiddin me.

We havent embraced them? lol thats why our attendance is better then alot of teams in the US....i checked this site and our current average is 19,365. (

We do pretty well for a franchise OVERALL compared to other NBA markets..within top shut ur pie hole.

I know some people mentioned about our fans being a bit homeristic...dude, what team doesnt have them?? to say that board posters are indicative of how the average raptor fan thinks about bball is absurd...goodness me, are you educated at all? lol

The US media choses not to show Raptor games, the NBA/US networks chose not to show Raptors games during prime time slots on US channels, what do you expect from a recognition level in the states about our team?

To sit there and say you dont watch our games, then turn around and say we dont embrace them and only talk about them when bad shit happens is misinformed and completely not true.

Maybe you should watch a few games, come to the city and see for yourself how we feel about our team. If we talk shit about our team, its because we care and want them to do better.. Ya sometime we can get over the top, but really what teams fans dont? All teams fans do, its just because we are "diferent" and in "Canada" that people make it a bigger deal then it really is.

I love the ignorance
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landry fields forever

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Who cares what Kenny thinks. He's a moron and probaby is going by what his fellow UNC bumbuddy Vince has told him.
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landry fields forever

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Come to think of it, I think booing the hometeam even when they win because they didn't score 100 points and everyone doesn't get a free slice of the world's shittiest pizza is pretty lame.
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a paranoid android

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That thing about the pizza was terrible, but the question to kenny Smith is:

Is that the players fault?, you are disrepecting a whole team, coaching stuff, etc.. just because you dont like its fanbase?
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smith said initially that anything he says about the Raptors or ther fnbase is probably uncredible because of he simply knows little about them. so anything he said after that is hypothetical, and largely based on presounding stereotypes. because, after watching that clip, is really any of this news?
the fans up here suck for the most part, but that's not necessarily all their fault. we have the schtick of the swirsk, dumbing down the game to no end, missing all of the beautiful nuances. we have a PR/Promo/Marketing crazy franchise who caters solely to kids and families and middle-aged men (dancepak). we aren't talking about basketball here with this team, we're talking about entertainment. not to mention the shyte media coverage and lame ass questions.
so yeah, if we have a shitty fan base we have to look at whats been done to shape it by the powers that be. just blaming the fans is lame and simplisitic and oh so kenny smith
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is pounding the rock!

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Toronto fans rock.

I am one of them.

Blow me Kenny.
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