Kelly Dwyer: Colangelo has been revealed
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Exclamation Kelly Dwyer: Colangelo has been revealed

The problem was Colangelo's execution, and the seeming arrogance that came with it.

The guy has more or less been revealed. And as damning as his big moves have been, the smaller ones tell nearly as big a story. The hiring of bit players whose names had been tossed around the NBA for a while, but ones that any scout with any salt tossed over his shoulder (or, perhaps, an understanding of advanced pro basketball statistical metrics) would have run far, far away from.

Luke Jackson. Juan Dixon. Cezary Trybanski. Fred Jones. Even T.J. Ford. Jermaine O'Neal, though you can understand Colangelo's attempt at giving the former Pacer another chance. Jake Voskuhl(notes). Like the guy, but come on -- in 2008, Jake Voskuhl?

And, yes, the big moves were damning. Taking Andrea Bargnani first overall in a weak draft isn't the worst thing he could have done, but bidding against himself to offer Bargnani an eight-figure yearly (once averaged out) contract extension, years before he had to? That's pretty bad. And arrogant. Handing Jose Calderon, a fine player, nearly the same? With a trade kicker tossed in?

The O'Neal trade? Rare is the deal that sees you send out two centers who arguably (at least on a per-minute level, with defense thrown into the mix) outplay the one they're traded for. And in O'Neal's lone half-season with the Raptors, Rasho Nesterovic and Roy Hibbert (down in Indiana) were pretty close to that on most nights.

The killer was Hedo Turkoglu. One of the worst deals of the decade, tossed at a 30-year-old (red flag) who was willing to leave a championship contender for a few extra million (there's another red flag), who ducked out of a verbal agreement with the Portland Trail Blazers (so many of them, flappin' in the wind), and who should have accrued a history of red flags in terms of production throughout his career. He was never nearly as good as Colangelo thought him to be, least of all not in a season that would see him turn 31 halfway through.

And with that, Colangelo blew his one chance with Bosh. Toronto isn't completely devoid of talent. The Raptors are a nice team that will see a little bit of hopeful cap space next summer, and while they don't reek of stardom (or even starting-dom, if I'm honest), kids like DeMar DeRozan, Ed Davis and Solomon Alabi could help down the line.

Bosh, though, won't be around for it. Never a dominant superstar, despite a pretty impressive turn to start last season, he'll likely get to work his trade as the NBA's finest second fiddle this side of the Staples Center. We should all be so lucky.

And Colangelo? He'll have a little cap space to work with, and possibly the chance to do something great in a sign-and-trade with one of those average-sized expiring contracts he has on hand. But if he's going to turn out in Toronto, he'll have to take a step back and take a good look at the hubris that came with some of these moves.

He'll have to. It's not "likely," but it doesn't mean he doesn't have to.
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why are so many people putting this team down, obviously we are in a state of rebuilding.. but how come everyones expecting us to fail. Its a NEW team without bosh, only time will tell. i'm not saying we'll make playoffs but im also not stating we won't.. As of right now, this team has more potential then it has ever had during a rebuild.

Hell, even hedo turkoglu if he comes back.. we might see a different side of him depending on how the roster looks.

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People act like Bosh is the most valuable thing to the organization, in fact hes not. He is a selfish player who is not worth the max, with him gone it will give the Raptors a sigh of relief.
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Originally Posted by JackAstors View Post
People act like Bosh is the most valuable thing to the organization, in fact hes not. He is a selfish player who is not worth the max, with him gone it will give the Raptors a sigh of relief.
And his KNEES!

People are ignoring the KNEES!
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Originally Posted by JackAstors View Post
People act like Bosh is the most valuable thing to the organization, in fact hes not. He is a selfish player who is not worth the max, with him gone it will give the Raptors a sigh of relief.
Whether you agree that he's max or not, I have no idea how you can even begin to argue that he's not the most valuable piece in this organization.
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FYI, at the time of the Jose signing we weren't bidding against ourselves. Bad article. Talking in retrospect is always 20/20. A lot of Colangelo's euro or small signings have been successful. Bosh is gone, so whatever.
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tired of shitty Toronto teams

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This article is a complete exaggeration.

1) The hedo trade was not a complete screw-up at the time. Portland was offering big money to Hedo at the same time. I'm also confident there were other teams in the picture too. As well, this season was the year that teams wanted cap space badly, meaning last year we saw a huge gap. In a normal year, many other teams would have gone after Hedo.

2) The Bargnani contract was a great move. It was a bargain. And why wouldn't he ask for an extension that kicks in after his contract expires? You avoid going through what we're going through with Bosh right now by having a contract already with Bargnani. Hell, GMs are congratulated when they can work out contracts with good players with them not testing free agency.

3) The O'neil trade was bad? I'm sorry, but Roy Hibbert and Tj Ford if they stayed here would not have gotten us a title or into the playoffs. I would have done that trade a 100 x over.

4) All the role players listed as bad players, specifically Jake Voskuhl, agreed they were bad players. But how else do you fill out your late bench players? I'm sorry but Kobe Bryant doesn't sign contracts for the league minimum.
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Heh, can't have all articles go nicely eh colangelo.

I love the hindsighters.
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Really bad article. If Colangelo has been good at something it has been getting something for nothing. The big moves (Oneal, Hedo) have not panned out, but he has gotten us some pretty good steals in Parker, Garbo, Humphries, Moon, Weems, and Amir.

He has put the organisation in a bad position, by putting too much effort in signing a big name to play with Bosh, but his smaller moves have been pertty good. And drafting AB might not have been the best decision, but he could have gone far worse with that one too.

A small detail caught my eye though. Does Jose have a trade kicker? For some reason I think Jose is more than willing to play in Toronto and would not be happy to be the expensive second unit PG somewhere else. That trade kicker might make it so much harder to trade Jose. If that is true, we better get Hedo traded. Anyone know about that?
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effin' ineffable

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He doesn't even mention Jason Kapono.
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What a shitty article, even with the benefit of hindsight.
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I like it.

All I've ever heard about Colangelo is rainbows and puppy-dogs.... "Mr. Golden Boy" who turns lottery teams into contenders.

Well he's been here for 5 years now and he has yet to assemble a roster that's good enough to last more than 1 season.

If nothing else I like this article because it actually puts some heat on BC and forces people to open their eyes and realize that he's no better than most GMs in the league.
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is getting to the line..

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Negative... Negative ... NEGATIVE...

What about the positives?

1. Signing Bargs to a decent contract that any GM in the league would
2. Bringing in Weems for nothing
3. Bringing in Amir J
4. Getting a young player in Bellinelli for ... whats his name? .. oh ya
5. Signing Jarrett Jack who alot of you love off > then Jose..

Most people on this site were on his dick when he changed the roster of this team last summer... most were calling him GOD...

Sure alot of his moves haven't worked out... It's life.. It happens... not everything can always be golden..

Once Bosh leave's hes the only respectable "name" this entire franchise has... and probably the only one who would work for MLSE at this point...
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Every team has players they don't like on the Roster including LAL.
BC has been good at getting rid of his mistakes and I think he has a solid basis to start a rebuild.
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hopefully we use our draft pick this year, let's not miss out this years Rodney hood

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is this guy a joke or what, if lebron and wade weren't around in free agency i'm pretty sure Chris Bosh would still be a Raptor

the fact is the only players worth leaving any team for are Lebron and Wade just because of hte spotlight and championship contending their going to be doing in the future, it would be tough for any play to pass on that even the most loyal of players which Bosh is, and he realizing that if he wants to be remembered he has to join forces with Lebron or Wade

hay even Dirk Nowitzki has the same tough decision to make, and its possible that player as loyal as Dirk is to Cuban, and Cuban is to Dirk might break up just to play with a lebron and wade,
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Default Difference between Pat Riley vs Bryan Colangelo

Differences between what Pat Riley and Bryan Colangelo represent

One has a slew of NBA Championships to his credit, thus far.

The other, to this point, has none.

One has been a highly-rated college player, a solid NBA role player, a lauded head coach, a reknowned motivational speaker/author and ‘Leadership Expert’, and is now a well-regarded Team President.

The other is a 2-time recipient of the NBA’s EOTY Award.

One represents an “individual” principal owner with exceptionally deep pockets who has already put together 1 world championship team and is willing to pay the asking price to become a legitimate contender, once again.

The other represents an ownership “group” that … despite a diverse set of financial holdings … has as its primary objective the making of a healthy profit for its corporate stakeholders.

One speaks definitively, peppering his everyday language with words and phrases like these:


Riley’s master free agent plan started years ago

“I think it will be equivalent to a space shuttle launch,” Riley said back in May, shortly after the season ended and the Heat summer of 2010 began. “Everybody who’s covering the day it’s going to get launched, you never know [how] it is until they hit the button. When they hit the button, a lot of things explode down underneath to lift the rocket up.”“We have been in this for two years.”

“I know what I’m going to do.”


The other … although equally polished, in his own way, from a media-savvy perspective … is more prone to use words and phrases like these:


Bosh likely to leave Colangelo says

“We will get to a point where there’s a conclusion to this one way or the other. It’s the perfect storm for Chris Bosh to leave and unfortunately we’re possibly going to be on the short end of that, but we will evolve. We will have to evolve and move forward.”


The question is …

Q1. If you were to put yourself in the shoes of a relatively youngish, talented, marquee player in the NBA, for which of these two General Managers and, therefore, their respective owners and organizations, would you choose to work during the next crucial middle - i.e. maximum performance - phase of your professional career, as a world-class athlete?

A1. If your No. 1 priority, as a professional athlete, truly is having the opportunity to win-it-all … then, it isn’t really even a contentious debate.
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Plain & simply put BC did not draft Bosh, so Bosh has no real connection of loyalty towards him...

& that being said Guards win championships in this NBA & I hope we find one ASAP!
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the anti BC lol

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SO because the article rings true the writer is a douche?

Whoa'da thunk it!
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