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There was a post on here not too long ago that showed statistical evidence that Kleiza has been good in the post this year, but very poor as a shooter. From what I've seen in games, I agree with that.

Having a good post game is nice, but it really clogs up the offense if that's all Kleiza can do. It's not just when he has the ball, but when he doesn't - should he just set up down low on every possession? Of course not. He's not an exceptional offensive rebounder, and he'll clog up the lanes for DeRozan's drives, and clog up the paint for Bargnani.

He really needs to find his shooting stroke. Then he can be more effective off the ball, capitalizing on defensive rotations, double teams and screens by hitting his shots from midrange and from 3. At this point I don't even like seeing him shoot when he's wide open.

That's not to say he shouldn't ever play in the post. He should play in the post when the match up is favorable. Otherwise, he should make himself useful by getting open looks.
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1. kleiza can't post up against most NBA SFs, he's not that big or that strong.
2. post-ups are mostly used these days as a special play, no nba team constructs their offense around them anymore. Partly that's because there aren't that many good post-up players anymore, partly because players (on defense) are stronger these days and are harder to be pushed, partly because post-ups, like ISOs, are breaking the flow of the offense and partly because there are more efficient ways to generate quality scoring chances (penetration by quick point guards comes to mind).

3. turkoglu sucks balls in orlando too, he's averaging 11/5/6. It's just that as a primary handler, he gets more assists and his defense is masked by howard. The guy is just a lazy ass and orlando will regret deeply getting him back. If Howard bolts as some predict, they'll be stuck with long terms contracts of arenas and hedu to build around ... good luck with that.
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Originally Posted by Claudius View Post
So, I was reading today's Star (I'm sure it'll be up in the dish), when I read this quote from Triano:

I'm looking at the Kleiza quote. Kleiza's BIGGEST strength is his post up game. Instead we're using him as a jump shooter. Why not use his strengths? It was the same thing with Turkoglu last year.

From an NBA.com interview:

Say what you will about Turk (lazy, fat, unmotivated etc.) but it seems that all we're looking for from our SF is to be a jump shooter instead of learning about their strengths and integrating them into the play.

Now, I really like Triano as a basketball mind. I've heard him speak in person (about 5 years ago) and he's a really nice guy and knows more than I could ever know about the game. However, even smart people make mistakes and I can't help but think he doesn't know how to use certain players. He has his offensive set and makes player adapt, rather than adjusting offensive sets to showcase those players skill sets.

I really wonder, what could have been had we had a different offensive game plan.


Return to Orlando a very comfortable fit for Turkoglu | NBA.com

Raptors coach Triano juggles decimated lineup - thestar.com
I think the use of turk had more to do with the OTHER pieces Claudius. And he is being a little melodramtic too, he could have lifted a finger, maybe crashed the boards.... fuck he grabbed 19 boards in the last game last year on purpose as an FU to the raps..... well had he done that a bit more often they would have been in the post season.

I don't buy players blaming how they are used.... fuck, it's still a ball game, go out and ball, don't just say it like a moron in an interview.
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Shooters used to be a dime-a-dozen. Isn't there a Matt Carroll in the D-League? That's a piece the Raps need, and a piece that shouldn't be hard to find. Sure would help DeRozan and the other slashers if you could sit someone in the corner or elbow extended that can knock down a 3 at a 40% clip.
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what would this accomplish right now?
we get a shooter that can do nothing but shoot an open jumper, then we start complaining each time he misses that he should've drove to the net for a foul and then we start complaining about how 1 dimensional the guys is, we start seeing him as the new Jason Kapono!
besides, even if this guy shoots well he'll win us like a few more games in the season so we can prove nothing and blow our tanking season even more
besides, we just need to get sonny weems to stop with the jump shots, why is he trying to post up and turnaround fade when he can't hit a face up jump shot, and why is he trying to shoot a 3 in clutch time when the shot clock isn't down and we have Bargnani who could take the exact same shot and have 100 times better the chance of making it
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