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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
Some of the 3/4s can defend 2s very well (marion in his prime days for example). The problem is with JJ as your primary stopper, you will have problems when facing a high scoring 2, which the league has plenty. That's where a guy like wilson chandler could be a better option, he can defend 2s a better JJ can, who's a little chubby to be running around screens and what not ...

So even if he develops a 3pt shot, he's never going to be that bruce bowen type of defender who can cover 4 positions and knock down open shots from the corner.
But Bowen couldn't guard 4's like JJ can.... he's more of an interior stopper and help defender as well as having the ability to lock down his own man. He's not like Bowen, but that doesn't mean he's less effective in that way. I agree he needs to stretch his shot, but his abilty to attack and get to the rim makes him more than a spot up shooter and defensive specialist. His weakside defense is what makes him so valuable in the paint.
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he could defend finesse guys like dirk, maybe not full time, but definitely in crunch scenarios.

The problem is that if you have a guy like bowen and a good defensive PF or C, you usually can handle almost any kind of opposition, unless they have 3 superstars, or two superstars wings (or two bigs). With JJ and JV, you still need another stopper for PG/SGs and if you assume that most defensive players are not great offensively, you will seriously impact your ability on offense.

Basically, it's either you have a bunch of two way players, or you must have the right type of specialists so you can minimize their number.

As for JJ, just because he can get to the rim, doesn't mean he should. On a good team, you should have at least 3 players who are much, much better offensively than JJ, otherwise you're in trouble. And on that type of team, I don't think you want JJ driving, you want him in the corner to stretch the floor.

My point is that you have to structure your team very smartly. There's only 5 players and lots of different things to do, and nobody (other than maybe lebron) is capable of doing everything. The more aspects you can cover, the better equipped your team is to handle any kind of opponent. Any time you employ a uni-dimensional player, you put yourself at a huge disadvantage and the other 4 guys have to be that much better to compensate.
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