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is pounding the rock!

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hahaha true that BB
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the gat'll killya quicker, when I'm drunk off the liquor

The Mara sisters are hot!
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Originally Posted by Grover View Post
AR1815 now you've gone and got that old P.M.Dawn song stuck in my head!
I'm having flashbacks of Jr.High! Grrr now I have to youtube it. It'll be in my head for days! aaah
I've been listening to it for the past 15 minutes.

Elementary school for me though.
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effin' ineffable

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The original takes me back to my university days.

If Fields can be anything like Christie, even with a crazy wife in tow, I'll be ecstatic. We're due to have that kind of luck. But he looks like a half dozen other players that have come through here recently looking to gain from a bigger role. Dumb signing overall. Another trade could make me not think about it again though.
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hopefully we use our draft pick this year, let's not miss out this years Rodney hood

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For me it's not how many points he scores its minutes that he logs which if its a ton and starts the Raptors would get fair value back. Raptors need a glue guy.
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the 1st 2 years of the contract are fine, the last year is too much, but we all know nobody will come here unless we pay them more, so in the long term overpaying the guy for one year is better than overpaying over the whole term of the contract
besides, every team has at least 1 guy that is overpaid and there's always at least 1 team that will take on a contract like that, especially in the final year of a contract as a salary dump
this contract works well as a salary dump, we hold him at a good price until the final year when it gets a bit ridiculous, he'll either live up to that price or he'll be a salary dump and if he doesn't get dumped its only 1 year and he'll be gone
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