Interior vs. Perimeter defence!
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Default Interior vs. Perimeter defence!

Obviously, the Raptors don't have the one-on-one defensive capability to defend both the perimeter and the interior I pose this question: Which should the Raptors focus on more: Perimeter or Interior??

Essentially we double down low on good post players and when a player penetrates on the perimeter we literally shift three people in: one to cover the guy who penetrated and two to cover the pass, which will likely leave 1, maybe 2, wide-open shooters.


We play the perimeter game where we only have one guy come in on the drive, whilst covering the shooters, probably leaving a pass or two on the inside.

and don't say it depends on the team...I mean yeah it does, but most teams have some good down-low players and some good perimeter players...

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Originally Posted by jakstad View Post
It only becomes obvious when tree things happen
pack-the-paint defensive philosophy
our guards don't even attempt to fight through screens
massive help defense collapsing even more

If all that at least took away one part of opponent scoring... But no, we get burned in paint still, obscure players go on 3-point rampage against us and most of all, great midrange shooters are deadly too!

This results in 130 point defensive performances (even if our pace is not among fastest).
This results in no pride and no grit on D

Overall our effort is quite good, but not constant. Depends heavily on lineup and opposition whether we can force them change the play is offline   Boss Key Wife Key
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Perimeter. Everything starts with the breakdown of the perimeter defense. Jose Calderon can't guard a thing out there. When the opponent back-up point guard (Maynor) clearly dominates your team's lead point guard and back-up point guard you are not going to win. Bosh and Amir are doing a good job defending the paint and grabbing boards, but when the opponent point guard walks into the paint three bad things are going to happen:

1. he is going to score
2. he sets up the big man you are guarding
3. Bosh, Amir, or Bargs is going to commit the foul

Calderon & Jack should really watch the tape of the game. I'm okay with DWILL taking advantage of you, but when a late first round rookie dominates the game, sit your sorry ass at the bench. Calderon looked like Milt Palacio on offense, and looked like Jose Calderon on Defense.

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I agree completely. I think that everything starts from the top, which is obvious, but there are ways to defend penetration, which is collapsing. It completely exposes the 3-point shot opportunity, but when push comes to shove would you rather be giving up an open layup/free-throws or an open 3?? Given that most players shoot below 50% from 3 (usually contested...) it might be a worthy sacrifice. Unless you are playing Orlando, I say that allowing some open 3's is much better.
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Jose Calderon for Monta Ellis. Nuff said?
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