If You Were Sam
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Default If You Were Sam

Scott Carefoot had a great idea today and came up with a scenario and what he would do if he was in Sam's shoes.

Originally Posted by RaptorBlog
SCENARIO: Raptors down one, 9.2 seconds to play, must-win game. What's the play?

First of all, my lineup: Jose Calderon, Anthony Parker, Jason Kapono, Kris Humphries and Chris Bosh.

I'd call a 1-3-1 with Bosh in the low post and Humphries in the high post. Bosh is the first option if he gets good position. Otherwise, Bosh moves to the high post while Parker and Kapono head to the baseline around 20 feet from the basket.

Calderon could dish to Bosh in the high post for the shot or drive; Calderon can take the shot himself if he breaks down his defender, or he could pass to either of the corner men if they're open. Humphries' job is to crash the boards on the shot release.
Who would you guys have out there and what play would you call?

Source - Click here
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I'd have Parker take the final shot. And have JO instead of Hump..
Set double screens with JO and Bosh for Parker to have a clean 17 foot jumper. Bam.
Leave about 4 seconds on the clock when shooting incase misses and needs a tip.
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I like what flash said so I'll stick with that
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I would go with Calde, Bosh, JO, Kap and Parker

For me, its pretty basic but with many different things you can do depending on the matchups etc. Parker inbound to Calde, send BOTH and Bosh and JO to post on hish and low (Bosh being high), whoever has the better matchup/postion you kick it into, if a power move is available im comfortable with either trying to go up strong and finish or draw contact, if the double is there, im comfortable kicking it out to Kap, Parker or Calde and letting them take a game deciding shot and if the other "big" comes to double im confident JO or Bosh could make the right decision. If teams give Calde too much space before he passes it inside im VERY comfortable with him simply faking an inside pass and taking an 18 footer, but i really think the best way to finish off games with a team like ours that doesnt really have a player that can create his own shot is to go inside and let nature take its course so to speak, but hell, i'd be happy with any play besides a Bosh 18 footer.....
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Parker is actually pretty shaky in late game situations; I'd run a play where screens are set for Bosh or JO who cut towards the basket, and then when the D collapses on kick it out to Calderon or Kapono for an open shot, if possible.
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I'd have Bargnani in as a second big, to stretch defence out even further. With Bargs, Parker and Kapono on the perimeter and Calderon handling the ball, you can't very well double-team Bosh, assuming of course that Chris actually learns to recognize the double and to pass the ball out quickly.
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Haha Make sure Jose knows not to cycle the ball to Hump or else he is taking a shot.
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All this talk reminded me of that TJ alley-oop play
It WAS awesome
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Bargs, Jose, Parker, Bosh and JO

AP sets in corner on opposite side of ball.

Bargs to inbound.

JO sets a hard screen at three point line and Jose run man off of it. JO rolls hard to basket using a screen set by Bosh in the High Post. Jose receives inbounds pass while coming to ball. If JO is open hit him, if not JO establishes post.

Once ball is received by Jose, Bargs comes inbounds and runs backdoor with parker running off of a JO screen. Bargs heads to corner, Parker curls runs off of Bosh high screen, if shot is there for Parker take it with Bosh turning to basket and JO down low for rebound. If shot is not there for Parker, run High screen and roll with Bosh and Jose.

JO, Bosh and Bargs Crash on shot.
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