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How to fix Raptors
1. Shoot Anderson in the foot. DONE
2. Start McGuire. DONE
3. Reduce Bargnani minutes. DONE

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Originally Posted by RaptorsVictim View Post
If you want to fix the Raptors, you have to stop the crazy notion of firing this coach and firing this GM and getting this player and trading that player. Raptors organization has to change its way of thinking. In my humble opinion, the MLSE is nothing but a disaster zone, the MLSE has no clue of what is going on in the NBA. If you want to build a good team, it doesn not happen in a day and a night, it takes time, but you have to start in the right way. The MLSE always starts in the wrong way.
I will just give one example of how we start things in the wrong way. When we drafted AB, the guy used to play as a PF in Italy, we wanted him to play as a 5, so, it is taken for granted that you should have hired a special coach to train him - the same way other teams do with big guys -, this did not happen and AB could not reach his potential and he will not.
There are many reasons that this team is not achieving progress, but it all rotates around two factors : bad management and cheapness.
A lot of truth in here,but what does MLSE have to do with this now? Doesn't Rogers & Bell reign as new majority owners?
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Trade ED, Jose, Acy for Galo :cookie:
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Based on Jose performance the last 2 games, I think we should keep him if we can afford it and not piss off Lowry. We need 2 solid guys at the point. Trade Bargs for a rebounder and draft pick...otherwise use his minutes more judiciously first half and sit him when defense matters...Not sure Ed is getting any better....
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Originally Posted by The MVP of West Hollywood View Post
There is no quick fix for this situation. There needs to be a new house built, not renovations to the old crappy one

My take is the right move after firing BC or his contract running out, is trading Lowry and Bargnani and going full tank-tard in the 2014 draft, which is expected to be 2003/2008 level stacked. No, it's not the popular move sentimentally to trade Lowry when he's playing like this. But when a player has high value, it's for a reason. We only look to trade players when their value has plummeted for us and everyone else

For eg. let's say we trade Lowry and Fields to Utah for their 2 1sts (UTH 1st, GSW 1st). They can make that deal because they have plenty of capspace next summer. Utah gets a franchise PG instead of adding two rookies they can't give minutes to (they can't even fit Burks and Kanter in the rotation as is). TOR gets something like the 12th and 15th picks in the draft, enough to move up to the same spot we'd have been picking if not making the Lowry trade if we want, and puts themselves in a great cap position for the new GM. We rebuild around Derozan, Ross, Valanciunas, those 2 rookies, Davis, whatever we get for Bargnani, and go for the #1 pick in 2014 when anyone picking in the top 5-7 will get a star talent. With 4-5 lottery picks on our team, if we followed that up by drafting a talent like Wiggins, Parker, Harrison, Hezonja, etc., we could turn around quickly having drafted a new franchise player but with lots of talent around him as well
Not all bad here MVP.
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payin Dwyane Wade

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If Rogers just added 120 million to the Jays payroll, why are Bell/Rogers not doing something with the Raptors. I think its coming in the off season at least. They are going to have to overspend for a while until it becomes more attrative to play here/ stay here.
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Will also post this in the trade thread.

NBA Trade Machine - ESPN
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Trade Bargs.
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Find room for more Davis and Ross playing time.

(i.e. Trade Bargs, start Derozan at SF)
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