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waiting for the Masai-a

on ihateus
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Nice to hear Hollinger coming around. I can't find the post but I remember he was predicting failure for us before. Now we have a chance of success according to him

Basically he's just covering his ass if he turns out to be wrong
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Rob Ford's dopeman.

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effin' ineffable

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I always liked the emphasis Mitchell put on calling everybody a basketball player. I'm sure that is going to be the approach this year as well. For guys like Hollinger to put where a guy comes from before his actual abilities says a boatload about their appreciation of the game.
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set adrift on a memory bliss of you.

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Seriously guys get off Hollingers back. His opinion is valued and should be respected... Not!

What a d-bag. How are we going to be a failure after making our roster twice as good. If anything, we will be a .500 team+, so him saying either total failure or a shining sucess is completely dumb. Noone expects us to be title contenders or anything more than a good playoff team. I'd be willing to bet that were going to be closer to a solid .500 team than a team that's either great or pathetic.
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"Fake All-Star"

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Lol..... gotta love Hollinger.

The only way that this season would be a spectacular failure is if the team plane crashed on the way to their first road trip. *knocks on wood*

The Raps should be one of the steadiest teams in the league this season with all of their depth.

Now a team like DET?

THAT could be a success or a failure.


THAT could be a great success or a huge failure (if Lebron gets injured).

Just a silly, silly article.
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what he is.

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Remember we were expecting a huge success from the last year's team. That's why Smitch was laid off after 8-9 start. That team had JO and this team now has Hedo and JJ. Jose was injured for the majority of the season. Think of JJ as the replacement for TJ Ford. The team with TJ made the playoffs. Now we added Hedo and a few role players on top of that. We will definetly be better than the team of two years ago but noone knows by how much.
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the anti BC lol

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Is his assessment really that unfair? I mean he is a writer and has to come up with something. His article touches on some good points. This team has the "chance" and players with "talent" but a lot of them are not a guarentee. We are "hoping" a lot of them come through. Bellini , Jack , Evans, Douby, Wright Rasho and Bargs are really not successful proven winners in the NBA in a major role. Turk has shown he can be clutch in the playoffs like last year but he has also had seasons where he was considered a bust. If all these guys gel and play their roles and produce to a decent degree then the Raps can make the playoffs. But if they do not fit/play/disappear then the Raps could technically have a spectacular failure.
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