Hollinger chat- Raptors related
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Hollinger chat- Raptors related

Jeremy (Toronto)

The Raps pulled off 4 quick wins against sub .500 teams this past week. They're now in the 6 seed in the East but it seems like fools gold. Are they playing well enough defensively during this stretch to prove me wrong?
John Hollinger
(2:21 PM)

Raptors are definitely defending better, and I'm sure you folks up there have noticed that their defensive renaissance coincides with Jose Calderon's absence. I think they might end up 6th through no fault of their own, just because the rest of the conference is so bad.
Matt (Toronto)

With Amir Johnson hustling hard, grabbing rebounds and playing well for the Raptors, how do you think they will implement Reggie Evan's when he returns (supposedly sometime in January). Do they manage Amir's minute to see what Reggie can do?
John Hollinger
(2:30 PM)

Frankly I don't think Evans is good enough to play in their rotation. They'll probably give him some time just to see what he can do, cutting into Johnson's times, but Johnson is a much better player.
Sam (University of Windsor)

We need a rebounder/shot blocker to make up for our lack of athleticism. And by "we", I mean my intramural team. Any chance we can land Dalembert for my buddy Rick, and 2 used Calculus textbooks? Who says no?

John Hollinger (2:41 PM)

This is more realistic scenario than several of the ones I've seen proposed. I know some scouts who think Rick would make a great waterboy.
Chat: Chat with John Hollinger - SportsNation - ESPN

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Good things he isn't hurting their feelings.
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w'ell see what happens when celtics play them
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Evans hasnt played here and Kapono is a DNPCD tonight in Philly.

Hollinger says Amir>Evans.

Looks like both teams gained nothing (so far) from this trade.
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Wow, nice shot at Evans. Hope he reads that.
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I hate Hollinger so fucking much. He represents everything that is wrong with journalism today. All he does is create perpetual pseudo-events.

His whole statistically-supported "Power Rankings" method is complete shit. No shit the Lakers are better than the Hornets - I don't need a series of complex algorithms that he pulled out of his ass to tell me that. And then he has the balls to write about his own rankings.

"The Hawks rank three spots higher than the Lakers in the Power Rankings, but is Atlanta more likely to win the title?" he writes under the headline. It's obvious, you shitbrick: the answer is no. I will rip my balls off and feed them to a pack of hyenas if the Hawks get past Orlando, Boston, or Cleveland, not to mention win the title.

The thing that annoys me most, though, is that he's obviously not a dumb guy. He's just capitalizing on the whole statistics frenzy that's taking over sport fans, with Fantasy leagues getting more and more popular. But jeez, you'd think that ESPN would pay for quality journalism, not this watered down BS that Hollinger pulls out of the toilet.
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I don't see why Hollinger's stat machine is such a bad thing.

It's a good point of reference to check out when teams are under/overachieving, such as the Raptors in the Vince years (underachievers - we'd lose all the games vs. shitty teams because some players didn't care), or the Raptors a few years ago when we were overachieving.

As long as you don't take the numbers as gospel and just use them to inform your own thinking, they're fine by me. For example, it's good to have a statistical backing behind the rationale that Atlanta is a much improved team over the past few years (other than wins and losses).

I agree that taking PER as the be-all end-all ranking of players is bullshit; there isn't a stat for everything, and it completely overlooks the contributions of the Shane Battiers of the world.
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