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Cool. That's not how I see it, but it is defensible, aside from the poor communications, which I would think should go beyond showing up to sit on a dais.
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Originally Posted by LX View Post
I guess you didn't read the material that stated there is a consensus among economists that sports subsidies have a negligible benefit, including for major events.

And again, and I can't understand why this is overlooked here so much - the grant was not required to get any benefit that does occur. Why suggest that the return required some 500k "investment"?
the question about the grant is quite simple, if MLSE applied for 500k, on what possible grounds could the application be denied. Because they are rich? It's undeniably that the all star weekend will bring a large number of tourists to the city, which I presume is the main argument.

Second issue is whether the government should have such a fund. You appear to believe that the government should not get involved in the all star game (and by extension all other events such as carribana, tiff, nuit blanche etc) because the economic benefits are minor and short lived. I'm no economist and I can only use my own judgement - to me it seems like a good idea. Toronto is not blessed with a ton of touristic attractions outside niagara and possibly the CN tower - so anything that could enhance the appeal is probably a good thing. Especially if the funds involved are so trivial.

What should not be an issue and to me smacks of a extreme left mindset is the fact that the beneficiaries are rich corporations/rich people. Rich have the same rights as the poor and vice versa.
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Originally Posted by moremilk View Post
Rich have the same rights as the poor and vice versa.
there is no 'right' to government handouts. it is not enshrined in the charter in any way. just to be clear, this is not an issue of rights.

what it is, is an issue of policy. the government can choose where and when to dole out public money, and then they are to be held accountable for those decisions. the application could have been denied simply as a matter of priorities and allocation.

given that there are massive shortages in many areas - especially social welfare areas like disability funding and access to affordable housing (both provincial/municipal matters) - it is tough to see this amount (which you describe as small, but that could completely change the lives of more than 20 people with disabilities, for example) being thrown at the super rich while there are so many suffering in poverty. this is a leftist argument, yes, but certainly not part of an extreme left mindset. this is about taking care of the vulnerable before we take care of the rich getting richer. it is, undoubtedly, both an opposition to trickle-down theory and a frustrated reaction to waste in the face of real suffering. that is not extreme at all.
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