Grange's observations from yesterday
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convinced that Raptors fans are only happy when they're unhappy.

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Default Grange's observations from yesterday

Kind of interesting!

Originally Posted by Michael Grange
After getting poked pretty good lately from all sides I was kind of eager to see if Bargnani was ready to lay it on the line and tell people to stick it, basically. He looked like he had good intentions in New York on Friday but early foul trouble ruined that. So with that in mind I was watching Bargnani as the two teams lined up for the jump yesterday. Itís usually one long man-hug fest, but as Aldridge is walking toward Bargnani at the circle, Bargnani is looking right past him. You know they know each other because they would have spent a lot of time around each other during draft week and in rookie orientation, but thereís no nod or anything. Aldridge is finally close enough that thereís no way they donít greet each other, but nope, nothing. Bargnani keeps looking straight ahead and chewing on his mouth guard. Aldridge finally puts his fit out for a bump; Bargnani kind of slaps his hand, nothing more. Iím no expert, but Iíd say that Bargnani, whose doubtless heard the jabber lately that either Aldridge and certainly Roy should have been picked first in 2006, was taking this one a little personally.
You'd think this would be incentive enough for him to bust his balls harder. Anyhow, think Andrea is also sick of the comments made by everyone (including us) that LaMarcus or Roy should of been the number 1 and not him?

Speaking of Roy, seems like Grange has a little man-crush.

Originally Posted by Michael Grange
The beauty of Brandon Roy is there he is, a 6-foot-6 guard with all the physical tools that you associate with being an elite player, and you come away admiring the guyís brains. The one thing that jumped out seeing him person for the first time was how he controls the game with his dribble. Heís an absolute master at playing slow, slow, fast; which is to say he puts his defender on a string, inching forward, inching back and then when the time is right simply blowing by guys to the rim; though not so out of control that he canít find someone when the help comes. I would say a big factor in this is that heís got huge hands and can palm the ball quite easily, which allows for a little extra control. Another factor Ė and one the Raptors bench was on the refs about all afternoon Ė was that he palms the ball. Thereís not a dribble he takes where heís not right on the edge of coming under the ball with his hand. That split second buys him a lot of time and makes it very difficult for his defender to anticipate where the dribble is going to take him. He never got called for it though, and it wouldnít be such a weapon if he flat out didnít understand the game and its nuances. The guy never once looked like he was in a hurry, but he sure was quick.
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Gam zeh ya'avor

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Speaking of Roy, seems like Grange has a little man-crush.
I have a huge fan-crush on Roy. Unless Bargs develops into something akin to a young Sabas, BC has missed a boat big time on this kid. IMHO, this Raptors team with Roy instead of Bargs is a contender in the East this season, easily.
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is pounding the rock! (Edit)

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ahah yeah
still wouldn't choose roy/aldrige over ab
just dont know whyyy
but i wudnt
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adoring his baby girl.

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Originally Posted by Kuzzy View Post
ahah yeah
still wouldn't choose roy/aldrige over ab
just dont know whyyy
but i wudnt
For today yes...easily but BC sees something in Bargnani that will make him better for the franchise in the long term. I guess we'll see how that works out. Hindsight is always 20/20 but i would have loved to have Roy on the team... the really good teams have dominant game-changing 2 guards(Manu, Rip, Josh Howard, Kobe, Lebron....) and as much as I love Parker he's not that guy anymore.
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saying too many dudes are Tyson Chandler, trying to lead their teams and went nowhere

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Too bad Roy's knee is going to be hamburger in about 5 years...
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