Grange: Good riddance teachers
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Arrow Grange: Good riddance teachers

Glen Silvestri, who manages the file for Teachers, has suddenly been going through Colangelo’s record and – like your average Real GM message board devotee – has found some holes; this is a man, afterall, who signed Hedo Turkoglu to a $53-million contract.

But you know what? At least Joe Fan, or Johnny Message board, at least they care; at least they’ve spent time and energy of their own on the subject. At least fans have paid money to sit in judgment. Fans at home have paid cable.

Silvestri has paid nothing and in fact is paid to take an interest. If it was Larry Tanenbaum who’d had enough of Colangelo’s tall collars and steep expense accounts, that’d be one thing; he actually stands to lose or gain.

But Silvestri? He’s paid to ask Richard Peddie one question: did MLSE make plan this quarter. If they did, the meeting is over. If they didn’t he should fire Peddie.

But once a functionary for a pension plan finds, that’s can only spell trouble. The sports business is not business; it’s not even science. It’s positioning, planning, maneuvering and a good measure of luck.

Should Colangelo be back? Maybe. He at least deserves credit for putting together a good bad team – one with some developing young pieces devoid of any constricting contracts. Mistakes have been made, recognized and quickly jettisoned. There are only a handful of teams definitively better managed than the Raptors in the NBA and a whole swath that are worse. Expect someone new to come in and turn the tide faster at your peril.

Should Colangelo be cut loose? You can make a case for that too.

But it shouldn’t be Glen Silvestri making it; not without any skin in the game; not unless he’s willing to stand up and be counted when he’s wrong.

Teacher’s passive ownership style didn’t do much for MLSE; which doesn’t bode well for its new brand of apparent shareholder activism.

Here’s hoping for a quick sale of their stake and that they don’t let the door hit them on the spreadsheet on their way out.
LINK - Globe and Mail
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It can't happen fast enough for me. The status quo at the top spells one big depressing bleh.
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Look out Boston!
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