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Claudius 02-09-2009 12:44 PM

Grange: The fallout of the Bosh talk
I came across this today in his blog. I'll post the entire blog as he has some pretty interesting things to say. Anyways, here's his take:


Some things

1. Still mulling over the whole Stephen A. – Bosh thing. I had a colleague who knows the ins and outs of ESPN very well explain to me that the news desk over there is pretty tight when it comes to using anonymous sources and they stick to a high standard for their news gathering. He also allowed that while Stephen A. is a bit of a character to say the least; he's also pretty connected. A further point was that – as a third-party observer – he can totally see why Bosh, Colangelo and agent Henry Thomas are denying any aspect of the story being true. And when you consider the ramifications of Bosh actually letting it be know he wants out - the damage to the franchise's credibility around the league; the damage to Bosh's reputation in this market and the message it sends to fans – yeah, that's a story they might want to quash, and fast.

2. I did talk to some high-ups around the Raptors yesterday and the version they're going with is similar to what I suggested yesterday: some random and totally not surprising grousing by Bosh may have made its way down the grapevine and Stephen A. ran with it, which is a long way from Bosh formally announcing to Colangelo that he wants out. But I haven't heard anyone tell me that Bosh is totally committed to staying here either. Make of that what you will.

3. This part is significant: The Raptors are hopeful – given their relationship with Bosh and his own maturity – that if he's really determined to leave he won't hang them out to dry, which is string them along and then bolt as a free agent leaving them holding air. Officially they're confident they can make the moves necessary to make it clear to Bosh that this is the best place for him. But failing that one insider told me: “He's a classy kid, I don't think he would make up his mind and not be truthful and honest with us. I don't think it will come to that, but I would hope he would tell us.”

4. Now what's also interesting is how the ground has shifted around Bosh in a pretty short period of time. Based on the opinions of guys on my men's team and comments and e-mails I've been reading here and elsewhere; it doesn't seem like the world would end for Raptors fans if Bosh did get moved. Maybe it's because the crowd I'm referring to are pretty hardcore fans; the kind of people who can envision LaMarcus Aldridge and Jerryd Bayless in a Raptors uniform and get excited. I think the broader fan base might be tougher to sell on the idea and that's no small concern: the Raptors have sold a lot No. 4 jerseys the last few years and know exactly what they have in Bosh -- a mature citizen, a real pro and a pretty damn good basketball player. Letting go of a guy like that is a huge risk. But it's not like the concept of moving him has everyone I've heard from in hysterics.

5. That said, I'd be curious about the return, personally. As I mentioned a few posts ago, building around max players is tricky, especially if you don't want to go over the luxury tax and the guy with the max contract isn't LeBron, Kobe, Tim Duncan or Dwight Howard. If you commit so much money to one guy and you don't want to spend over the tax, it's really hard to be a championship-calibre team unless your max guy is an annual MVP candidate. Not sure Bosh is quite there. Can you build around Bargnani? I'm not sure about that either, but the benefit is you probably would not have to make him a max player when the time comes. He's due for $6.5-million next year, the last year of his rookie deal. Let's say, for argument's sake, he would sign for five years and $60-million. That might be light, especially if he continues to progress. But I'd be surprised if he would evolve into a max player between now and next year. In any scenario his deal would cheaper than Bosh's, leaving more money to add more talent around Bargnani. Is that the way to go? Trade Bosh for some top quality complimentary talent; re-sign Bargnani has something below the max and then add more talent with the savings you'd have as compared to Bosh?

globeandmail.com: From Deep

insight_tor 02-09-2009 12:51 PM

Nothing new ... it is pretty much what we are talking here since SAS breakout.

Claudius 02-09-2009 12:54 PM

I dunno, point 3 he has is something that hasn't been discussed.

MetaLRasaM 02-09-2009 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by Claudius (Post 139238)
I came across this today in his blog. I'll post the entire blog as he has some pretty interesting things to say. Anyways, here's his take:

globeandmail.com: From Deep

Isn't his last paragraph what I said?

Trade Bosh and build around JO and AB, we got a solid PG in Jose, and a decent, with decent prospect backup in Roko.

Send Bosh away and get another really good player...get a 2, a 3...a whatever, just a superstar type of player...and we can build around it.

insight_tor 02-09-2009 01:22 PM


Originally Posted by Claudius (Post 139244)
I dunno, point 3 he has is something that hasn't been discussed.

Really? I was under the impression we discuss that long time ago.

Claudius 02-09-2009 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by insight_tor (Post 139254)
Really? I was under the impression we discuss that long time ago.

God, who cares. It's just some news, maybe some people didn't see it before.

fancylad 02-09-2009 01:43 PM


Originally Posted by Claudius (Post 139244)
I dunno, point 3 he has is something that hasn't been discussed.

i would also think that Bosh would be man enough to state his intentions regardless if they were the ones that management wanted to hear or not. The thing that i wonder is maybe his agent is giving him some advise which wouldn't be in line with the right thing to do.

You gotta wonder about agents sometimes, i'm sure their primary concerns are dollars and cents and not much more.

ClingRap 02-09-2009 02:22 PM

I've long thought dealing Bosh to portland for Aldridge and Bayless and or Fernandez made a lot of sense.

Gurk 02-09-2009 03:35 PM

I like the idea of trading Bosh for youngsters from Portland. Aldridge could be a back-up to Bargs and Bayless or Fernandez would be good as a starting 2 guard. Also maybe they can throw in Lafrentz and the Raps can put something in also to make the salaries work

The MVP of West Hollywood 02-09-2009 03:47 PM

Grange has been pretty awesome lately, he seems to 'get' that keeping Bosh isn't exactly a huge win scenario with the cap situation.

BballWatcher 02-09-2009 03:55 PM

Portland is enamoured with Bayless so I don't think he's going anywhere.

As for Golden State wanting Bosh, they have some interesting young pieces like Monta and Azubiuke that could help us out a lot. A starting lineup of Calderon, Monta, Azubiuke, Bargs and JO could be pretty sweet if Monta starts playing like he used to before he was a ****** and crashed his moped.

Superjudge 02-09-2009 04:32 PM

Jesus christ guys, he ain't writing for hard core loser fanatics like us, he's writing for the general population, what the fuck do you want from him??????

Phone taps?

le bosh de la mort 02-09-2009 06:51 PM

I'm gonna be pretty bummed the day Bosh gets traded away but at the same time happy for him since he'd be going to a better team. It's difficult to get equal value in return because we are trading big time talent that is still young. Not many teams do that. Still, out of the "Franchise Four" players of the 2003 draft, Bosh seems the most likely to be moved.

Gurk 02-09-2009 06:53 PM

Just because he plays for Toronto, eh???

zachus 02-09-2009 08:13 PM

Yeah that's exactly why Gurk

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