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jeffb 01-13-2010 02:17 PM

Grange: Bosh's future may come down to MLSE
Well Duh???


The point was and is and always will be this season is that pretty soon MLSE Ė the pension plan owned sports conglomerate that owns the Leafs and the FC and the Air Canada Centre Ė is going to have make a call on whether theyíre going to be serious about competing for a championship in the NBA and spend well into the luxury tax territory to do it or if their going to pretend to compete Ė which is to say spend up to the tax and no further.

Choosing to do the latter is a choice to be just where they are now and have always been, even in good years: hoping to make the playoffs and maybe, with the right breaks, lasting into the second round.

Ignoring whether Chris Bosh will re-sign with the Raptors, should they re-sign him? If they want to compete for a championship the answer is plain as day: Yes you sign him; but you donít stop there. You keep adding pieces around him. You spend the full mid-level this summer and the summer after, if you have to. Not recklessly, mind you, but you make it obvious that this is a franchise willing to continuously add to their talent base and build around Bosh.

If thatís the signal thatís sent then would Bosh sign here? He just might. I think his ego is big enough (and I donít think that as a bad thing) to believe with the right help he can lead a team that can make it to the NBA Finals. And with the right help he probably could.

But winning in any serious way takes talent and talent costs money; more than you can get without venturing into luxury tax territory.

What will MLSE do?

Having plugged Bill Simmonsí book, Iíll plug my own. Itís called LeafsAbomination. I co-wrote it with Dave Feschuk. Itís obviously about that other team in some other sport, but itís worth reading for Raptors fans because it takes a close look organization that owns both teams and TFC; none of which Ė and hey, maybe itís just a coincidence? Ė are poised to threaten for any championships.

I donít know what will happen at the trade deadline and certainly not this summer. If Bosh gets the assurance the Raptors are ready to spend with the big boys, maybe he stays. If the Raptors prove that they have the bones of a team that can make a step Ė letís say by winning 45-to-48 games and doing something other than laying down in the first-round of the playoffs Ė maybe Colangelo can convince people whose reason for being is to administer teachers pensions in the province of Ontario that itís worth shredding more of their money in pursuit of an elusive and expensive goal.

Raptors fans will then learn if theyíre investing in a team that has grand dreams, or an organization that just wants to take their money in exchange for entertaining them.

Thanks to Bill Simmons I know the answer to who was better, Russell or Chamberlain, and I think I know the answer to that one too.
The Bosh trade buzz - The Globe and Mail

RapCow 01-13-2010 03:19 PM

Grange has lost his edge this year. Too busy plugging his Leafs book on PTS I guess. We all know that if the Raps want to jump into the elite teams they have to go into the luxury tax area and bring in guys like Rasheed Wallace, Odom, or T-Mac (just examples).

brothersteve 01-13-2010 03:41 PM

Apparently Grange just noticed that the top teams have gone way over the top to compete with each other and the Raps will have to as well if they want to keep Bosh and have a contending team.

Welcome to reality! :sigh:

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