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DC is taking Jose's side because in Casey's system, the offensive pace is snail pace. And there is no room for error - turnover wise. Hey, I love Casey but he thinks DD can become a closer and he still has faith in Bargs (despite him having only 1 good stretch of games in his entire career). I like JB - but only as a starter. Anywho, who needs a PG who can break down opposing teams' D anyway, it's not important at all.
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I wouldn't read too much into the love that was expressed for any players. It was expressed as respect that was well-earned. That doesn't mean there isn't a recognition that changes need to be made. I heard both Casey and BC talk about a lot of needs, including a ballhandler that can break down the defense and create opportunities in tight situations.

Speaking in glowing terms about Jose or Andrea hardly makes them untouchable. I'm not sure why such a sentiment gets repeated all over the place so consistently. The exact opposite could be true. They could be ensuring that they milk maximum value from guys like that. They could be covering all bases. We had a team that sucked, but over-achieved all the same, and showed the ability to bring a change to the culture. It seems pretty clear that there is still a ways to go to get to where the coach and GM want the team to be. We've only seen the beginning of a process, and you can be sure that there is a good idea where and how improvements can be made from 1 through 12. At the same time, they aren't going to go out of their way to suggest that any one of these guys that played hard under tough circumstances was ultimately inadequate. There just would be no point in that in any way. But that hardly means they are locked in on anyone as a guy that has to stay under any and all circumstances, aside from Jonas.
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The Suns have started planning for life after Steve Nash if their two-time MVP opts to come to New York or heads to Toronto when he becomes a free agent on July 1.

Brooklyn fans — it’s strange to write that — won’t like it, but the Suns are going to go all out for Deron Williams.

The Suns’ first choice is to bring Nash back and have the greatest player in franchise history play his final game in Phoenix. They’re hopeful that a two-year, $20 million deal does the trick, and if they add a third season that would probably cinch it since it would take Nash through his 41st birthday.

But there has been enough buzz about Nash leaving the Suns, after he played his eighth season in Phoenix, that Phoenix has come up with a contingency plan for his exit. Going into this weekend, the Suns view the Knicks, Raptors and even the Nets as their biggest competitors for Nash’s services. They are operating under the assumption that Nash will not go to a contender, although he has interest in Miami, where he would have to accept a lot less money than he will get to stay in Phoenix.

“If they lose Steve, then they plan to go after Deron, hard,” said a person with knowledge of the Suns’ plans. “They know he loves golf and they’re going to try to sell him on going out there.”

Meanwhile, the Mavericks remains the team the Nets have to fear more than any other when it comes to losing Williams. He’s been at the top of their free-agent wish list since before they won the title last June and owner Mark Cuban will “pull out all stops” to bring Williams home, according to a team source.

If Steve Nash bolts, Phoenix Suns may make a push for Deron Williams - NY Daily News
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Suns will not get Deron.
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