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Also, prior to going overseas, Parker had also played three seasons in the NBA before Mo had played even one game.
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The simple points I'm trying to make are:

-MoPete has the same impact on defense as Anthony Parker (but have different offensive games)
-AP acknowledged the difference between an 82gm regular season vs. the much shorter regular season in Israel, and how his teammates like MoPete and trainers helped him in the gym w/preparing for the 82gm regular season + playoffs.
-The reason why AP still gets quality NBA burn while MoPete is now known as a fringe guy is due to NBA politricks, seeing they both have the same defensive impact, same locker room leadership skills, both are quality spot-up shooters, and both are very dedicated to keeping themselves in tip-top shape.

I'm well aware of AP's European resume. I'm also well aware of how the myth of MoPete coming into camp out of shape came about. I remember a specific interview w/MoPete the season after Kevin O'Neill accused him of it (and lets remember the politricks involved of Glen Grunwald overspending on everything in summer '01 and thus doing whatever he can to retain assets at a discount), and a fairly long RealGM thread about it, saying how there was no evidence of MoPete ever coming into camp out of shape, and how MoPete simply always shot the ball better at home than he did on the road, but his hustle, defensive effort, and durability were never issues.

Back to the main topic, I'm also well aware that the only thing that Bryan gets more credit than Maurizio in all the moves from summer 2006 was overpaying for that scrub Fred Jones, and that Bryan is the one who sabotaged all the good things Maurizio tried to do & make for this team.

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