Gherardini on the FAN590 this afternoon
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Default Gherardini on the FAN590 this afternoon

The phones have been ringing for BC about possible trades.

*Courtesy of "all hail the queen" from the RealGM*

Originally Posted by all hail the queen
-After the season ended, Maurizio went to the Euroleague final four, scouting potential draftees in Italy & France, then back here getting ready for workouts here & in Orlando. Then going back to Italy on Thursday for more Euro scouting

on Gallanari: "Chuck you're trying to get me in trouble"
-Andrea is bigger, wider, heavier
-amazing how Italy in the past few years is having a guy in the first round every year

how much can a players stock rise or fall based on individual workouts & draft camp?
-top guys stock don't really change due to these "three day events" and you already have a pretty good idea of his value
-more of a key factor for players right outside "lottery zone" and top 10

without naming names, how mnay players are we talking about that could come over from Euro in the first round?
-not a very rich year, overall would be suprised if there are more than 5-7.

lots of possible deals?
-orlando camp is the first real time for execs to meet up. all he can say is that BC has been on the phone this past few days and was def talking the whole time in orlando
-teams are becoming more and more active, more trade possibilities as we get closer to the draft
-"the telephone lines are very hot"

Atlantic division? how do u size up what's happening with the changing landscape
-gonna get tougher, important to make the right decisions,
-significant that we have been a playoff team the last 2 season, but we still see things we'd like to go a different way
-still understanding our needs,
-trying to avoid lateral moves
-need to get better, stronger

is there a major move needed, or minor?
-not easy to say
-beliefs: need to improve athleticism, rebounding, physicality in general
-have contract issues to solve

andrea: what's his offseason sched?
-andrea had surgery, had to rest for a couple of weeks
-been working out for the past 10 days at Benneton in Italy
-working heavily, until first week in july
-come over and go to fundamental skills camp between july and august
-then start getting ready for preaseason

what to expect from andrea after a disappointing season?
-its never easy to make predictions
-think he understands what he needs to do
-improve overall strength, physical impact, power, this would help him reach confidence level to be consistent
-needs to improve this to stay in this league

then said some stuff about the good old days of LA/Bos.
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