Funny team picture moment
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Default Funny team picture moment

from Raptors Blog By Doug Smith

Itís Team Picture Day today and this story might take a couple of hundred words to tell but itís worth it.

Not sure of the year Ė 2002? 2003? It was in the Lenny Era Ė but itís Picture Day and Jerome Williams canít make it, I believe his wife was in labour with their twins, if Iím not mistaken. What teams generally do in instances like that is have someone stand in and then airbrush the imposter out and put the absent guy in later.

Usually, itís a guy about the same size or at least body type (thin, thick, tall, short) and they did have a good kid about 6-7 working for them. Vince also had his own security guy at the time, a fella called Peanut, who was about 6-2 and built like a house.

So theyíre waiting Ė and Iím talking players, coaches, support staff, front office, members of the board Ė for someone to come be JYD.

Around the corner, unbeknownst to anyone involved, comes Peanut, decked out in JYDís full uniform. Letís just say it must have been made of stretchy fabric, I mean Elastic Woman stretchy.

Well, I wasnít in the gym but Iím told players were physically rolling around on the floor laughing (they were still howling a day later when I heard about) and the head coach at the time was absolutely not amused. The members of the board? Not sure too many of them thought it all that funny, either.

But, trust me, from everyone I talked to, it was the funniest team picture moment ever.

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