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The San Antonio Spurs play a smart game of basketball. They take away the paint as much as possible. And then they count on the opposing team taking enough bad shots to make the biggest difference. They know they will take good shots, because they are disciplined, and they all insist on it from top to bottom. And they have the means and know-how to manufacture good opportunities. That doesnít just simply mean they have guys like Manu and Tony that can create for themselves, because even when those guys are making their moves, the rest of the team is doing something to make them that much more effective, and being ready to get their own chance once the defense has been broken down. There was an instance last night where Ginobili got into the paint on a break and turned the ball over when he expected an unguarded Hill or Neal to be cutting to the basket instead of falling back behind the arc. It was a mistake that was not lightly brushed off. The open guy that is filling a passing lane on a break, is going to be going to the basket next time.

Most of the work that was done by the Spurs, was just rudimentary execution of cuts and pick and rolls, done with enough care and precision to provide easy baskets. It did not require any great displays of athleticism or talent. It required more than one guy working together for the benefit of the whole team, and knowing what options might follow, and which ones to choose. The Toronto Raptors ran down the court and tried to get shots off before the Spurs could settle in on defense. They got open shots, and even a nice number of good shots. But if they didnít get a shot up in a hurry, they tended to get bogged down, with no real options. There was a point in the second quarter where DeRozan held the ball on the perimeter and looked for Bargnani to free him up for a drive with a screen. Bargnani stood frozen, three feet away, seeing nobody was going to come out and guard him there, and called for the ball. He shot the three and made it. Hooray. But there is no nothing to celebrate if that is going to be the level of offensive execution we can expect from the two guys that got their shots. The defense did not have to work, and they got the Raptors to take what has not been a high percentage chance. When it came to the Spurs tightening up in the fourth quarter, it was not like they needed to worry about a lot of options. The Raptors had not really demonstrated any ability to get beyond taking the first open look that was available. And even though Andrea stayed away from the fadeaways and showed more discipline then he has in a month, after a few hard fouls, he didnít force the issue at all. It ended up being left to Barbosa to use his speed alone while four other guys watched. Needless to say, the Raptors are a long ways away from being the Spurs.

OK. Thatís obvious right. Need to keep the expectations in check. But can they not at least strive to play as a team and execute plays on some level that shows some kind of commanding presence that can be built on? The sad truth is that they are not made to do so. Aside from Jose and DeMar and Amir, you are not going to see much integrated into the offense beyond taking that first hint of an open shot. This team could really use another solid veteran or two that could make it easier to head in that direction. Instead we got Barbosa coming in with his predisposition to go one-on-five. And we got Kleiza with his predisposition to force his own dribble into a crowd or force his post-game while everyone watches. And really, itís been a problem beyond this season, and it likely starts with the need for five weapons on the court at all times when the culture of any successful team can make do with a BB gun as long as it is one of five that is working together. Itís a matter of where the emphasis lies, and with the progress of DeRozan and Johnson, there is at least a little hope that tide might turn.
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