Fossil fool: deck the hall and oates
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Default Fossil fool: deck the hall and oates

Here's an excerpt - got to the blog page to make all the links to youtube videos work (it's worth it), and read all the rest. Fossil Fool

I apologize in advance. Just bear with me if you can. You see, I’ve had my head full of 70’s era disco classics. I have this system to get me through the endless Christmas season. Whenever I hear a carol that threatens to loop through my cranium for weeks, I quickly download the corresponding disco song into my brain, and successfully block out the seasonal ditties. Winter Wonderland is transformed into Boogie Wonderland. O Little Town of Bethlehem is made over into Funky Town. The Little Drummer Boy gets remixed into Turn the Beat Around. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen quickly becomes YMCA. Joy to the World? Well that has to be Shake Your Booty. Good King Wenceslas? Dancing Queen. O Christmas Tree? Push Push in the Bush. And so on.

And I remained stuck in that era, perhaps a little too happily, while considering the long journey, not of the Magi, but of the Mago, and how his ups and downs have played out with the fans here in Toronto. Going way back, when I found this team promising enough to attend games in person, I found the reactions of many fans around me, way up in the upper reaches of the ACC, to be as over-the-top as anything associated with the age of disco (yes - which I am certainly old enough to remember directly). All it took was to see Andrea left open beyond the arc, and this one particular guy sporting a euroleague Calderon jersey would start squealing and hyperventilating. “Oooooh-oooooh-Andrea-that’s his shot-that’s his shot”. It got to the point where out of worry for my fellow brethren in the stands, I’d have to have a paper bag at the ready. I’m kidding a little, but do not think for a moment that I am overstating the possibility of some of these guys coming close to collapsing from not enough CO2 coursing through their veins. What came to mind then, and repeatedly during every flash of his game advancing over the years, as well as now - with the disco jumping from one neural transmitter to another - is Minnie Ripperton and her notes soaring as many octaves above middle-C as there were sections between me and courtside. And as often as all the Rippertons would begin to quaver, there would be an accompanying verse from Morris Albert. Often enough it happened on the same play. Andrea is open and I’d hear the aaahhh-ahh, only to have him get the ball and launch a clunker which would bring along the woh-woh-woh-woh in the same breath. Then there are the stretches where Minnie stirringly dominates for a few games, only to have Morris return with his gasps of loneliness. This season, Andrea has followed form, with the highs getting that much higher, but so many cliffs coming along for regular drop-offs. The question is whether he can break the pattern for good, and if nothing else, make me think of Leo Sayer’s When I Need You. Make the big shots when needed, while showing a steadiness in all other areas of the game. Have the big games when need be, and otherwise keep the team in games when someone else can make the bigger impact. If that doesn’t happen, then the future remains a little troublesome. The rebuild will take place upon a shaky foundation. And we’ll all be heading into Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam territory.
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