Ford On The Swisky Show This Afternoon
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Default Ford On The Swisky Show This Afternoon

Didn't hear it, but recap courtesy of Shazzam from the RealGM.

Originally Posted by Shazzam

Doing good in Houston.
Physically doing great.
Did he change game after ATL? No, it was a freak accident.
Weirdest season? Was a tough season, because of criticism and interpretations. Got it hard for a month or so. Was tough and disappointing.

Does he deal with things he disagrees with? Doesn't read stuff but can tell by the questions being asked. Thinks he's the same guy no matter what. He respects the writers they have a job to do. Thinks some have a preference, thinks some want to see another guy on the floor more. That's cool, the point of having fans.

Can you coexist under same umbrella? Things anything can work. Not sure if it changes dynamics of team. So many guys on team, hard to pick and choose who loses minutes on whole team.

Fan Questions

What does he do in offseason? Hoops or watch Astro games? Usually working hard, goes to gym, conditioning, shooting, 1 v1 2 v2, 5 v5.

Lucas, help or hinderance? For him a few other guys he was helpful. Good to hear another voice. Ran different drills pregame to break a sweat. NO hidden agenda. WIll tel him when he is wrong and write.

Chuck. Will Lucas be back? Don't know, wants to get back into coaching, not sure where.

Trade? How do you feel about it? Thinks he'd be okay because he has been traded before.

Did Nelson surprise him? Never been that aggressive before. Thinks he took on a challenge and showed that he is a good player and deserves respect. Hit open looks, was well prepared.

For Raptors to get better what do they need to do?

Never established chemistry that they had last year. Was better last year, record proves it. Never had a big streak or never established the same tempo as last year.

Asked about 20 ppg scorer? Need another scorer. Never comes into game saying he will take x number of shots. Difficult at times to find balance of taking enough shots and getting others in rhythm.

Wanted more questions got a lot of easy ones.

*** I would recommend listening to this following part. Lots said here. Poor recap***

Is he upset when he comes off the floor? Sometimes he wants to think about what he has to do, sometimes he doesn't want to come off because he is playing well. Sometimes he just looks that way and people will interpret as they will.

Does he want to stay? He has no choice. It's up to Jose and org. Loves city, org etc TO good for his family.
****Said the right things to this question IMO****
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