Food Court Lunch: A Cautionary Tale
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Default Food Court Lunch: A Cautionary Tale


T.V. Announcer: 98-95 Raptors, 2.5 seconds left, Bargnani at the line, trying to put this one on ice.


T.V. Announcer: And that should do it, folks! But Iíve got a feeling this crowd would love it if Andrea hit one more.


Devin: Whyís everybody chanting?

Pete: You never been to a game before? If the Raptors score 100 points, everyone gets a free piece of Pizza Pizza.

Devin: What? Iím surprised they can even give that stuff away.

Leah: Give in, Devin. Youíre powerless to resist the pizza chant!

Devin: Iím not going to embarrass myself for a free piece of shitty pizza.

Pete: Oh, come on. Loosen up, you old man.

Devin: Fine, whatever. (exaggerated) PIZ-ZA! PIZ-ZA!

Leah: Thatís it. Get into it.

Devin: PIZ-ZA! Ha. This is fun. PIZ-ZA! PIZ-ZA! Címon, big fella!

T.V. Announcer: Bargnani shoots, andÖ
LINK - Food Court Lunch
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I read the whole thing on the link. Jokes
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that was odd
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