"First, the mail; later, maybe news"
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Default "First, the mail; later, maybe news"

Lots of Bosh questions directed at Doug:

Q: Why does Chris Bosh not attack back by calling out Amare and ZBo???

Lance Q, Winnipeg

A: Why lower yourself to their level?
Q: BC has commented that he could live with waiting until next summer for the Bosh situation to reach resolution. Reasonably, does he not need to have a grounded understanding of Bosh's willingness to sign an extension before draft day in order to maximize possible return if he realizes he's facing the cornerstone walking?

John U, Toronto

A: No, not at all. You’re talking about a year from now and there are more holes to fill this summer than worrying about finding a replacement power forward who’ll fill in if Bosh isn’t here in October, 2010.
Q: Doug, got a Contract/Collective Agreement question for you (I know! What fun!!). Can you clarify the possibility of Chris Bosh signing a contract extension this summer? As I understand it (and I could absolutely be wrong on this), he would severely limit his earning potential by signing an extension this summer as his contract does not expire for another 2 years (Early Termination Option next summer). In order to sign an “extension” wouldn’t he have to nullify his current contract and thereby give up his “Larry Bird/Franchise” rights, which would limit the years he can get in the deal? So isn’t the chance of a re-signed Bosh this summer next to nil? I ask because there is a prevailing sentiment out there of: “If Bosh doesn’t resign this summer he has to be traded”!

Matt A, Toronto

A: No, he wouldn’t lose any future Bird rights because the contract he originally signed was, at its maximum length, greater than three years and wouldn’t kick in until the start of the 2010-11 season anyway.
Q: You stated in your blog regarding the reason why the Cavs are on the verge of elimination as follows: "Why? Because never, ever, ever, ever, can one guy do it alone. It doesn’t work for Chris Bosh in the regular season, it’s not working for LeBron or Kobe in the playoffs; it hasn’t worked ever in the past, it won’t work ever in the future." History has proven you wrong on this one. Take a look at:

(1) The 94-95 Champion Houston Rockets, starring The Dream and a bunch of jump shooters

(2) 95-96 Champion Houston Rockets starring The Dream, a bunch of jump shooters, and an almost washed up Clyde Drexler. One guy did virtually do it alone. If Hakeem had played with a Pippen, we would be talking about him in the same breath as MJ.

Khurrun A, Toronto

A: Yes, he was the leading scorer, top rebounder and, by a large margin, the best player on the court. But, no, he wouldn’t have won two titles without the contributions of his teammates. Sorry.
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