Feschuk: Bosh With More Bulk is Reason for Optimism
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Default Feschuk: Bosh With More Bulk is Reason for Optimism

Good read from Feschuck


The coach, needless to say, is enamoured with Bosh's contract-year commitment to both the barbells and the details and he is all too happy to offer suggestions for further advancement.

"I gave him three (things to improve) and he texts back, `Anything else?' I said, `If the door's open.' And I gave him seven more. So now you have 10 things. And he was, like, `Thanks. Love constructive criticism.'"

The constructive criticism continues. As the Raptors began training camp here earlier this week, Triano flashed some telling stats for all the players to see, numbers that pointed out the relative efficiency of shooting the ball from various places on the floor. Taking shots in the paint, Triano's data suggested, is an awfully efficient way to score points (and the Raptors, in winning 33 games last year, scored the fourth-fewest in the league according to 82games.com). The stats also said three-point shots are among the NBA's wisest selection of shots. And what of the mid-range jump shot that has been Bosh's bread and butter during his NBA career? Triano's numbers underlined that Bosh's habitual top-of-the-key 20-footer isn't a particularly effective choice.

"Seeing that stat ... now I really want to get to the rim because the fewest points per possession are scored on mid-range shots," Bosh said
Love the bolded part-hope he follows through.

But he should realize that stats play no part in basketball. /sarcasm
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It really has nothing to do with stats.

It's just common sense.
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wooooo ok bosh, now u had the stats spoon fed to you. Attack the rim
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I think he was aware of his own stats from day one.
Let's hope he follows through this time
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He's still going to have to take those midrange J's to set up his attacks on the rim, although I would hope there is much less dependency on that with the other options out there allowing the floor to open up a little more. If the guy stops working on his jumper, because he was told it's inefficient, then wow - that's not going to help much.
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Just so long as he exchanges mid-range jumpers for drives to the basket... He could pick three-pointers, you know...

Speaking of that stat - yes, 3-pointer is a wise shot if you are open and great at making them. But only if...
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I guess Feschuk hasn't put on his bitch hat yet. You know it's coming. That's why I never ever read anything he says anymore. From the replys here I assume he was complimentary for a change..
Probably the worst sportswriter in Toronto
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actually no, any 3pt shot that is made from a position on the court at a 33% clip or higher is a good shot. 33% from 3pt is 50% from 2pt shots, and any 50% 2pt shot is a good shot too.

and I don't think it's obvious at all, many people consider any shot but a wide open 3pt as a bad shot.

here's another less than obvious fact: wide open shots are better than dunks. Kapono shoots wide open shots at a 66%+ clip. Which is the equivalent of 100%+ 2pt percentage, which obviously is untainable.
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only one legitimate quote from Bosh for the article, the other stuff was implied or from jay.

guess he didn't really wanna contact Bosh himself or Bosh wanted a little to do with him as possible after he outed Bosh of being a deadbeat dad w/o sources.

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Bosh is really effective with that mid range jumper but I've been hoping for years now that he would bulk up a bit more, and punish guys in the paint.
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