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Dr. J. Naismith 07-15-2008 09:10 AM

Fantastic Summary of Jawai's First Summer League Game
Awesome and very thorough summary of Nathan's first game yesterday against the Nuggets summer league team. Sounds like it was a so-so performance, but encouraging at the same time. Sounds as though his issue is conditioning and with a couple months before training camp if he can get into better shape he sounds as though he'll certainly be a contributor next season. :)

Check it out courtesy of thesciencedroppa from the RealGM. :clapping:


Originally Posted by thesciencedroppa
So, I watched the game a couple times, and I decided to over-analyze it. While watching the game the first time, Jawai looked tried and lost. Looked better the second time around, but here's my take on his performance.


First off, Jawai looked as tall or taller than everybody he was matched up against, and certainly bigger and stronger. The biggest wannabe Nugget was listed at 6'9 and 255, so Nate's advertised 6'10 may be true. The screen was super small, but I think we can say he's at least 6'9 and 265 and probably bigger. He's big enough to play center in the NBA. Forget about Maxiell and Turiaf, he's bigger than those guys.


Clearly not in peak game shape, as he was tugging his shorts most of the time, but he did show energy in bursts at all points of the game, suggesting he was taking it easy as well as being in his best form. Quite understandable with a groin issue. His most athletic play came with 3:32 left in the game, and he was moving most of the time he was out there, especially on D. If anything, it looked like he was saving energy for D.


This guy has pretty good feet, and got up and down the court pretty well for a guy his size. He hedged out on pick and rolls very far and very quickly a couple times chasing guys waaaay farther out than they wanted to be and then recovered pretty well. He did get called for a foul on one of those hedges. He got blown by once on the perimeter, by the 6'8 230lb (no way) Mike Hall. Understandable. He got off his feet pretty well too, I think the scorekeeper robbed him of at least two blocks in the first half and he at least altered a couple more. On his most impressive play, his put-back slam attempt, he got his head up above where the mesh straightens out and grabbed the rebound with his left hand and tried to throw it down. Watched it a few times- pretty impressive stuff, again when you consider his size and condition.


Nathan looked very comfortable on offense without the ball. He looked to post up nearly every possession, except when he was asked to set picks or start in the high post, and he usually got his man on his hip and got pretty low when he posted. This often resulted in him pinning his man under the hoop when he didn't get the ball, which was most of the time, or he was in a position to attempt to grab the offensive board. He only got one offensive board, but had a couple of dubious fouls called on him while he was going for them. He most always took his man right out of the play when he was posting, he was usually leaning on somebody on both ends, using his size the whole time. He didn't really get yelled at much on offense during set plays, he seemed to be where he was supposed to be, set good picks and had his eye on the ball the whole time. He only got yelled at to get in position faster.

When he did get the ball on the block, he showed excellent patience and made a couple of nice, crisp passes to the perimeter out of double teams- looks like he's used to being doubled, no hint of panic at all. He did try and split the double once and got stripped while attacking, but that was one of many dicey calls and no-calls that went against him. It should be noted he didn't get a good entry pass all game to lead him into a move, and he barely got the ball in the second half as it looked like they stopped calling plays entirely after the first minute or two. It turned into a guard free-for-all. He set a couple of picks and hustled up and down the court most of the time, but he really didn't get the ball at all and looked like he was really tired or coasting at times. It wasn't his kind of game because it wasn't really basketball. Seemed like the guards were desperate to show their scoring skills, but if they had just kept throwing the ball into Nate they would've gotten better looks and helped their cases much more. Just a high paced, turnover-filled mess.

Jawai's one bucket came off a pump-fake to layup which came off the end of a double turnover, which started with a pass intended for him in the low post getting intercepted. Nate immediately ran down the court to his own foul line, until the ball was intercepted by his own team, at which point Nate about-faced, ran back down to the low block ahead of the play and scored. Looking at the clock, he ran for about 10 seconds straight by my count and covered a court and a half. Probably the only reason he didn't throw it down instead of laying it in.

Generally, his awareness and comfort level on offense looked very good. Encouraging. He took two free throws, and his form looked OK. He missed the first and there was a botched lane violation charge on the second which resulted in a jump -ball at halfcourt. I didn't see him attempt a jumper.


His on-ball post defense is tough to comment on, nobody really posted him up or tried to go at him down low. He wasn't giving any space, but nobody really challenged him. He did get taken on the perimeter by a much smaller player, but that's about for him getting beat straight up. He got beat on a 2-on-1 underneath by a pass-off, but that's fine. At least he didn't give up an and-1. We'll have to wait until he plays a low-post big to see what he can do on the ball down low.

As for team defense, he was rotating well in man-man, always guarding somebody and hustling, again leaning on guys when he could. Didn't grab many boards, only 3 defensive, but he took his man out of the play most every time and cleared space for Giles or Akindele to grab the board. Again, he looked comfortable if not in shape. He did sail in for one defensive board after rotating well, and immediately turned around and whipped a great outlet pass to halfcourt which was relayed up to a cutter in the paint and converted for a bucket. The play took about 2 seconds. The Raps played a bit of zone, and he had his head on a swivel while being sure to clear the paint on his side. He doesn't look like an amazing help shot-blocker, but he didn't take many chances either. I do think he got a piece of a couple, and when he wasn't trying to help he was guarding somebody. He wasn't caught in no-man's land once, I don't think.

Overall, I'd say he showed better defensive awareness than a certain #1 pick has shown yet, and his size will let him guard bigger Cs. I really love that he was leaning on people most of the game, that's what smart bigs do when even they're tired as it takes little energy and it wears people down. His fouls were mostly BS, 3 on offensive rebound attempts and two cheapie-no-calls on the floor if I remember correctly. He wasn't getting beat or using his hands too much, and he wasn't slow to react on rotations. Again, encouraging.

One Summer League game, sure, but he looks like a player despite his numbers. What did you guys see?

Source - Click here

fancylad 07-15-2008 11:08 AM

that's some pretty encouraging stuff. I like that he seems to play "smart" and not risk too much. seems likes he' knows his strenths and also knows his limits. I also like that even in summer league,, he's not "overdoing" it out there - but playing within his abilities.

Looking forward to seeing him playing ball with the raps.

and ya... that summary was damn thurough.

MikeToronto 07-15-2008 12:59 PM

What's really strange is the fact that he is NOT in the boxscore... :(

Dr. J. Naismith 07-15-2008 01:27 PM


Originally Posted by MikeToronto (Post 43670)
What's really strange is the fact that he is NOT in the boxscore... :(

I know ... I think he might be the Jawad Williams that they have down instead. I could be wrong though. :confused2:

Adequate Swag 07-15-2008 02:03 PM

This is an outrageously thorough review.

I think this guy is also looking for too many positives where they don't exist. I mean, going out and playing solid and "not trying to do too much" and all that is fine...but that's what we want from him in the NBA. I'd like to think he could actually do something of note in summer league.

4 boards, one offensive, and one FG on a fast break lay up? That's decidedly unimpressive against summer league competition.

You'd like to see him be more aggressive against scrubs, but who knows what he's being told to do out there.

It doesn't matter, because it's summer league and you can never read too much into it, but when his most impressive play was a putback dunk attempt...I'm certainly not encouraged. Not discouraged either...but nothing I read there impressed me at all.

Whoever wrote this review spent ALOT of time to give us like a thousand words on a totally inconsequential performance. That's the most impressive thing about it :haha:

Major 07-15-2008 04:31 PM

That's a good read there. Gives me the feeling Hump might have some competition. :D

Apollo 07-16-2008 12:15 AM

Summer league means nothing. I want to see him playing against real teams with real defenses and tough post players. What I read is positive and I hope he is a good role player but I'm gonna wait a while longer...

bartron_44 07-16-2008 09:44 AM

I like the fact that he plays smart on D, as that will be his biggest role, conributing minutes trying to slow down the likes of Howard when he gets our starters in foul trouble. The summer league will help get his a$$ in shape, and practicing against our bigs will help him alot too. Lets not forget this guy is a late 2nd round pick, if he does anything for us I consider it a bonus. At least his smarts will help him stay on the floor when we need him to, and he knows how to pin his guy under the basket to eopn up room for everyone else. Sure it wasn't the greatest game, but anyone who has seen his highlights knows he is pretty athletic for his size, and he has some post moves. I think this pick will turn out well for us. He is only 22 years old......and you can't teach size..

Major 07-16-2008 04:34 PM


Originally Posted by Apollo (Post 43743)
Summer league means nothing. I want to see him playing against real teams with real defenses and tough post players. What I read is positive and I hope he is a good role player but I'm gonna wait a while longer...

What do you really expect from NATHAN JAWAI??

Let him compete in the SL, it's his skill level anyway

Aussie 07-17-2008 02:08 AM

I refer to my earlier post just after JAWS was drafted.....he is a 2nd rounder who has been playing ball for 5 years (Ex Rugby player)


"Please do not expect too much from the Big Fella, everyone here already raves on about him...but we did the same with Andrew Gaze and Chris Anstey!! and they were bearly fringe players in NBA. Although he dominated most games in NBL (Only 1 season) he still had some quiet games, and was the Go To man (As you would expect). Our national League rarely imports Big MEN as we have our own Bodies to fill the paint (Although most do just that - fill a space) so Nathan did not have much Competition over here...interested to hear what others made of his brief college stint."

Dr. J. Naismith 07-17-2008 08:58 AM


Originally Posted by Aussie (Post 44068)
I refer to my earlier post just after JAWS was drafted.....he is a 2nd rounder who has been playing ball for 5 years (Ex Rugby player)

Aussie, with the acquisition of Nathan does this also mean we have another Raptor fan this season in you? :D

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