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Dr. J. Naismith 08-19-2008 11:02 PM

Ex-Raptor Dee Brown Talks About New Look Raptors
It's funny because you hear so much complaining about an NBA team in Canada and that not too many would ever consider coming here to play and yet once you've been on this team and in the city of Toronto the compliments are endless. :cwm34:


Originally Posted by Hoopshype
Iím curious as to how you enjoyed your time spent playing for the Toronto Raptors? Not just the organization, but how was playing in Canada and living in the city of Toronto in relation to all of the years you spent in the States?

I tell people all the time that Toronto was the one the best cities not only in the NBA but in the world! It was so diverse. The people was very nice. The city was unbelievably clean and there was hardly any crime. I lived downtown near the ACC, so I was walking distance from everything. I also went to Bloor to go shopping. Itís like NYC with all the theaters, restaurants and nightlife. When I got there, we were still playing in Skydome and then we moved to ACC. The fans were awesoma and I remember when Jordan came to Skydome, it was the craziest scene to see a baseball stadium full to watch a basketball game. Being a part of the first playoff team and still holding a few records there keep the Raptors close to my heart.

Iím from Toronto and I have to ask you about your thoughts on the new look Raps with JO in the middle. Are we a contender in the East? I like the low post/high post combo with lots of perimeter firepower (Kapono, Bargnani, AP even Calderon). What do you think? Can we get past Detroit, Boston and even Philly?

I like the addition of JO and he will be a great addition next to Bosh. Because JO has been hurt lately, people forget how talented he is and that he was once considered a top-tier player in the league. Heís still young in age but has been around for a while. Maybe the change of scenery will do him good like it happens with most great players. I think this team is a contender because you upgraded your talentÖ But so did a lot of team in the East. Plus you have the same cast of characters with Boston and Detroit. I really like what Colangelo is doing in Toronto. The key is if Calderon can be a full-time point guard and if the shooting guard position with Parker will be enough to compete.

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fancylad 08-20-2008 07:45 AM

It's always great when a guy has positive things to say about my city.

But still, it seems kind of silly that these kind of "what's it like in Canada" questions never go away.

maltmonger 08-20-2008 08:20 AM

I thought it was more of a Canadian fishing for compliments for my city and country thing.

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