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raptor jesus

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Greg Oden is in no way a low risk, hes an incredibly high risk. The thing about Oden is that hes a beast when hes healthy. He is such a defensive presence and has alot of potential. With all these injuries its really unfortunate his career never took off. If he could stay healthy then I'd sign him instantly, with a front court of Davis/Oden that is very dangerous.
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payin Dwyane Wade

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Originally Posted by Acie View Post
Who is this mystery center we're always trading for?

And if he's so good, why are they taking on two soft, no defense playing dudes with crappy contracts for him?
Jeff is going to play centre for us. He's NBA ready.

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I'd give oden a one-year max contract without any issues
he'd be willing to do it because he'd make a ton of money and if he plays well, he'll just sign a long-term contract next year. we'd have nothing to lose but money, it's not like we're going to use our cap space for a proven big time acquisition this summer. Portland might be reluctant to match because it would cost them double, presuming they'd go over the luxury. 32 million might be too much even for microsoft part-owner to swallow ...
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back to fold laundry

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Hmm Oden or Bargs at C...
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and a 1, and a 2, and a 1,2,3,4!

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Originally Posted by FoldedLaundry View Post
Hmm Oden or Bargs at C...
i hope ur not actually pondering on that..
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6 Man Like Lou Will
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I don't have a problem signing Oden either.

If it's a short term contract, we have little to lose since we probably won't be contending any time soon.
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Waiting for DD's 1st in game wind mill Dunk

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So are we all agreeing that we should trade Bargs?

Because I don't think we should try moving him to the PF position, & put Ed on the Bench.
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