ESPN: Early ride on the coaching carousel
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ESPN: Early ride on the coaching carousel

The Raptors are limping to the end of a frustrating fifth straight season out of the playoffs, after coming into 2012-13 harboring genuine aspirations about competing for a playoff spot. But this time they're approaching the finish line in the unorthodox position of the coach having already seen his option for next season picked up, while the front-office chief awaits word on whether he's staying or going.

Team president Bryan Colangelo is still waiting to hear if he'll be extended or at least have his 2013-14 option activated. Dwane Casey has one season left on his original three-year deal because his 2013-14 option was invoked after last season and, as such, would appear to be on safer ground than Colangelo.

Yet getting a dependable forecast on what the Raptors will end up doing on the bench after another season of disappointment -- with the brief lift provided by the midseason Rudy Gay trade gambit fading fast -- will have to wait until Colangelo's fate is known. And the signals there, so far, are mixed, with the new owners who run both the Raptors and hockey's Maple Leafs still settling into town & but having already fired Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke.
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What great journalism. Three paragraphs to say they have no fucking clue what is going on in Raptorville...sort of like Colangelo and Casey
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is very suspicious of these Raptors.

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My favorite part was when he was talking about new ownership settling in, how long does this shit take? seriously? are they building a new fucking MLSE building? give me a break, we suck ass.

Fire Colangelo, Fire Casey and get someone new to sell us the same old shit. Casey is a terrible offensive coach and our defense doesn't look like they're even trying these days. Wheel Sloan out there in a wheel chair and let's do this shit. Oh yeah, fire that fat guy Colangelo hired too, fire them all! That's right, doom and gloom baby!
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