Eric Smith: Chill
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Default Eric Smith: Chill

Eric talking about the rumours of the Pistons targeting Bosh in 2010 and wants fans to calm down.

Originally Posted by Eric Smith
Everyone needs to take a deep breath.

Chris Bosh is not going anywhere. Not yet. Not anytime soon. Maybe Ö never.

So the Detroit Pistons cleared $20 million by moving Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess and bringing in Allen Iverson. Fine.

But does that automatically mean that Bosh is packing his bags for the Motor City?

Absolutely not.

Listen, why do you think Bryan Colangelo traded TJ Ford, etc. to the Indiana Pacers for Jermaine OíNeal?

It wasnít just because the Raptors wanted size, experience, rebounding, attitude, and a potential running mate for Bosh. A lot of it had to do with cap / financial flexibility as well. After this trade, Toronto will also have $20+ million to spend in the open market in two seasons. Thatís not a coincidence. Thatís part of the plan from Colangelo.

So Detroit or Cleveland Ö or ANY other team can free up as much money as they want Ö but the fact remains that Toronto will have a boat-load of cash as well. $20+ million is nothing to sneeze at. And it should be enough to keep Bosh in a Raptor uniform if T.O. chooses to keep him.

Ultimately, Boshís decision will come down to more than money though. Itís about winning. Iím sure every free agent would agree. Players donít want to be in a losing environment. Yes, there are SOME exceptions to the rule, but 9 times outta 10 Ö a player - in any sport - will pick winning over cash.

Now, donít get me wrong Ö a guy isnít going to pass up $10 million in one city Ö and take $4 million somewhere else just because itís a better situation. That only happens - maybe - with veterans who are still desperate to win or still clinging to a hope for a championship.

Iím talking about $20 million in one city (for example) versus $20 million in another city. Thatís what Bosh will face. Thatís what Iím talking about.
Selecting between Toronto - who will have his ďBird rightsĒ as well - or Detroit or any other team will come down to winning. Itíll come down to the present and future of the Raptors. Where are they going? Are they moving in the right direction? Is there a championship on the horizon? What does the rest of the team look like? How is the living/personal situation in T.O.?

Can you get the same kind of endorsement dollars or chances, etc.

Those are some of the factors thatíll play into Boshís decision.

Bosh is a 3-time All Star; heís won an Olympic gold medal; he has appeared on the Tonight Show; he just released his own signature shoe and apparel line with Nike; and heís recognized as one of the premier big men in the NBA. All of that has come Ö while playing in Toronto. North of the border.
And letís remember that Vince Carter was the leading vote-getter in the All Star game for how many years? And was - at one time - the posterboy of the NBA for how many years?

Thus, aside from L.A. or New York, Toronto offers the same chances, opportunities, or endorsements as anywhere else. I donít want anyone thinking that argument is legit. And those chances are certainly better here than they are in Detroit or Cleveland!

So if the money is there Ö and the opportunity is there Ö it comes down to WINNING. Period.

And nobody can predict right now ó 3 games into the 2008-09 season ó what might happen with Bosh at the end of NEXT season. He still has TWO years left on his current deal (actually Ö 3 Ö but everyone seems to think heíll take the player option he has Ö and test the waters after next season is up).

So letís just chill.

Weíll see how far the Raptors go (or donít go) in the playoffs this year and next and THEN worry about if CB4 is coming or going.

ĎTil then Ö chill.

The sky isnít falling, Chicken Little

E. Smith
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payin Dwyane Wade

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Shh. Don't let Jermaine know that..
And yes, the sky was falling in Chicken Little, Eric Smith.
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