Eric Smith: 10 Burning Questions About the Raps
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Default Eric Smith: 10 Burning Questions About the Raps

Eric asks 10 questions regarding the Raptors and this upcoming season.

Originally Posted by Eric Smith
After a quiet weekend on the blog, Iím back with 10 Burning Questions about the Raps Ö

1. Has Joey Graham moved ahead of Jamario Moon in Sam Mitchellís mind? Does Sam see Moon as a better fit for the 2nd unit with Andrea Bargnani, etc? I like what Iím seeing so far from Joey G.

2. Did Hassam Adamsí solid performance against the Lakers earn him more PT going forward (after a difficult pre-season)? One game shouldnít make up for the previous 6, but the Raps will need Adams at some point this year.

3. Are the skeptics still circling after Jermaine OíNealís big game against the Clippers and his solid D in limited time against the Lakers? Perhaps heís finally getting into ďgame shapeĒ and finding his comfort zone with his new team / teammates.

4. Was anybody surprised to see Roko Ukic struggling against the Lakers? Heíll have many of those ups and downs this season Ö Iím sure.

5. Speaking of Roko, how bad is Will Solomonís quad injury suffered against the Lakers? The Raps canít lose him for long. Hopefully weíll get an update today.

6. Are folks prepared for a bit of a dip in Chris Boshís numbers? Youíve gotta think OíNealís presence could take a few points and a few boards away from CB. But if the TEAM is better, who cares.

7. Could Anthony Parker be the make-or-break guy for the Raps this season? Toronto needs consistent scoring - and especially D - from the 2-spot. AP has a large load to carry.

8. If youíve been a Bargnani critic this month, are you prepared to eat crow yet? Yes, itís only the pre-season, but the young big man has been good and has shown consistent improvements.

9. It was funny at first, but does anybody else think Humpís hair DOES matter? Seriously; with hair, Kris Humphries was the best player at the Raptorsí camp. Since he shaved the locks off and gone back to the bald look, he has struggled. Iím starting to feel superstitious.

10. Is Jamal Sampson going to make the Raps IF Nathan Jawai is deemed healthy? I canít see it. Heís been banged up - so he has barely played. And thereíll be little room for PT if big Nate can actually suit up.
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