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Dr. J. Naismith 03-29-2008 01:10 PM

Doug Smith: Mo's Moment
To follow up Benzo's Mo Pete appreciation post, Doug wants all Raptors fans to get up and give him a standing ovation in hopes that it might make him cry to show him how much we appreciated him over years. Mo might not being crying, but Benzo likely will. ;)


Originally Posted by Doug Smith's Blog
Here’s what you guys should do.

When the teams are introduced tomorrow night, when they get to Mo Pete, stand up and cheer. Yeah, a standing ovation. For a visiting player. You guys obviously love Mo from the mail I get and it’s a good way to show your appreciation. And I bet he’d appreciate it. Might make him cry. That’d be cool.

So, we’re sitting around the adult beverage parlour, as is our post-game tradition (and by ‘our’ I mean ‘mine’), trying to come up with five Magical Mo Moments. Here’s what we got:

The time he finished the layup with his headband over his eyes.

That crazy shot in Washington that tied the game at the buzzer.

When he slapped Vince in the face – all in fun – and got tossed out of the game.

When he got in that scuffle against Indy, bringing then-Pacer coach Isiah Thomas racing down the court from his bench and then-Raptor coach Lenny Wilkens sauntering off his.

And whenever we’d see him in the Harbour Sports Grille picking up an order of wings to go and bust on him. He finally wised up and sent his cousin down after that.

Source - Click here

Taz 03-29-2008 10:50 PM

Dude, I will be there tomorrow wearing my Mo jersey and holding a fluorescent pink "MO" sign ... cannot wait.

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