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saying too many dudes are Tyson Chandler, trying to lead their teams and went nowhere

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I was at the game with my boy and told him that they should draw up a play for AP - AP is a clutch player - I would have put the ball in his hands. The problem with Bosh is that he's very undecisive when he has the ball. He waits way too long to make a move.

With all that being said, CB is the franchise player, and no matter what, you gotta give him the rock in the crunch.
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Doug Smith:
Action: End of the half

Reaction: See that play call?

Raptors take a 20-second timeout with 7.2 seconds left in the half to get one play off. They run a play for Bosh that was eerily familiar to the one at the end of the Portland game.

He takes an inbounds pass from Jose (about eight feet closer to the basket than he took the one against the Blazers, which is key), Jose runs his man into Bosh, who fakes a handoff, turns and immediately goes to the rim.

If that happens last Sunday, instead of Bosh sort of fumbling the pass and dribbling about three times too often, maybe play works and they win.

I think it was the right call on Sunday and I think it was the right call last night.
How he made the shot yesterday was miracle. This play should involve a pass to an open teammate after they double Bosh.
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a Raptors fan

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Except Bosh hasn't learned how to pass out of a double team yet.
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bosh knows how to pass, but chooses not to, which is even worse. It shows that he either doesn't trust his teammates, or he has a too good opinion of himself (taking a contested fade way as opposed to any teammate shoting a wide open 3) ...
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