Dino Nation: Reason Why Raptors Have Been Successful So Far
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Default Dino Nation: Reason Why Raptors Have Been Successful So Far

Dino Blogger giving his reasons why he thinks the Raptors have been successful up to this point.

Originally Posted by Dino Nation
So how has this 3-0 start happened? I will give you some of my reasons why the Raptors have been successful so far.

1. CB4- Chris Bosh is always the beginning of any conversation that is about Raptor success. He has taken his game to a exciting new level. His numbers have been off the charts. He has not only been producing more on offense. He has been picking it up on the defensive side as well. Chris Bosh is in the very early conversation for the M.V.P of the N.B.A. That is just how good he has been

2. Jose is Jose- I admit that I thought he may slow down a bit and have the new challenge of being the last point guard standing take a little time to get use too. Well no signs of that so far. In fact he is coming off a career high in points and still had 9 assists. Calderon has been outstanding and he at times has been able to get a bit of rest when Roko Ukic is performing well. You still worry a bit about the huge amounts of minutes Jose will be playing and has been playing. But thus far he has been up to the challenge. So for all of you that have had faith is Jose he is rewarding your faith in him.

3. The J.O Factor- We talked a lot about this yesterday. Basically J.O has been health and active of defense. But he has added a lot to others defensive effort as well. Andrea Bargnani, Chris Bosh and Jamario Moon are all helping out with Jermaine’s nightly block party. Raptors are able to make those key stops that in the past. But above all of this as it was said yesterday, J.O makes the Raptors tougher. Jose Calderon said of the game vs the Bucks that last season that was a game they would have lost by 10. Well now that is not the case as the Raptors have got mental toughness to hang in the fight. J.O can take credit for some of that.

4. The New Andrea- Yes two games he has not scored a single point. But he has in all 3 games been a factor on defensive end. Blocking some shots grabbing the odd rebound. It is something that we would not have seen from Andrea last season. His effort was directly connected to his point total. That is progress and he has been committed to scoring on the inside. We have seen less of that hanging out beyond the 3 point line waiting for a shot.

5. Jason Kapono is Money- Jason Kapono is likely to be on of the people most impacted by the moves in the off-season in a positive way. He is shooting the ball well and he will get to see a lot more open looks at making those shots. He will be a key part of the bench and be counted on to produce points off the bench. Jason Kapono is up to the challenge. I think he will be a big X-factor for the Raptors on most nights. So keep shooting J.K and we will see you at the All-Star Game to defend that 3-ball title for a third year. He is likely going to have some friends joining him the way the Raptors are playing.
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