Dino Nation: Raptors Need To Learn To Play With A Lead
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Default Dino Nation: Raptors Need To Learn To Play With A Lead

Amen to that James ..... Is there any other team in the league that can let 20 point leads slip away just like that?

Originally Posted by Dino Nation
I don't know if it is just being the team from Canada or what. But the Raptors just can't seem to hold large leads. It has been something that has gone on in the history of this franchise. It is o.k to win a game by 20 or 30 I would be happy to write about that I really would. Far to many times the Raptors take big leads only to watch them melt away like snow in heat. Last night the Raptors lead by 17 and that lead was erased and it took a second wind from Toronto to pull out the win from Miami. This has to change and it is up to Sam Mitchell to make that happen. He tries to call time outs and stop things from getting out of hand. That is what most coaches would do. Phil Jackson was known for not doing that and letting the players figure it out. However Sam Mitchell does not have Kobe, Shaq or M.J on his roster. But maybe he should give it a shot and allow this team to figure it out for themselves without having him try to break the momentum with a good stress releasing time-out rant. One way or the other Raptors need learn how to be a front runner.
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it's tough to hold a lead when you have the bench we do! when they play well, we win when the play awful, we loose. Sam can't seem to teach them how to be better ball players or how to detect what they are trying to do to leave them standing around like pylons...
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Been like this for awhile, to the point my friends and I are very nervous when we head into the 4th with the lead, much rather be behind.
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I think every game we have that we have a lead in it eventually diminishes and that is because of the bench. We either just pull off the victory or lose. That really makes me made even though we win
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i like how u said we either just pull off the victory or lose. so basically you just said we win or lose which means the outcome is anything, hahahahaha
but yes, we do struggle to keep a lead, and i think its mainly because the other team usually has a "special" player or 2 that can just take the ball and force the issue by themselves, we on the other hand require the team effort to win, which also means everything must be executed to be successful, we don't really have a single guy that can just take over, Bosh is kind of that player but he's limited in that he's a big man so he can't handle the ball or take the 3 pointers necessary
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I have a small favor to ask of folks. I personally don't care if people comment here at Raptors Forum or on my blog. But if you have the time to express you views both here and at the blog it be great. With more folks checking it out you people should have your opinions expressed there to.

I also am going to bring back my e-mail feature like doug smith does with less complaining about the e-mails I get. So if you guys can take an active role in that I would love for that too.

None of this is required mind you but it would be helpful
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Leads are not what they used to be in the NBA. They fall by the wayside pretty easy all over. I don't need to see them keep a huge lead as much as I'd love to see them be able to hold onto a sizable enough lead and make it very hard to give that up. Last night they weathered three or four strong runs by Miami, but it wasn't until they got some bad calls and then Solomon losing his mind that the lead just dried up quickly. And yet they returned to form immediately and the small lead they came back with was hard for Miami to counter.
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Why would Raptors needs to win by 20 or 30 points? All I want, "win by one point and run to catch the bus" (as Jack said one night).
Some nights, you can see Raptors building big leads and than giving them up. There are few explanations:
1. Raptors has a shaky depth and starters are playing huge minutes. Either the bench is not contributing either the starters gets tired.
2. Raptors style is based on making "shats" ... they sometimes fall, sometimes not. If JO and/or CB4 are out of game, we don't have any posting options.
3. PG backup position is weak ... As soon as Jose is out, the flow of game is stagnant. Backup PGs (ROko and Solomon) have too much TOs and the assists doesn't find the shooter in the best position to be ready to jack it up.
4. Psychological, when you are up you tend to relax and try to work the clock.

Anyway, I prefer to have a huge lead and than drop the lead than digging a minus 20 points hole and than fight to recover. Most of the time, the lead you have can give you the option to rest some of the big guns and put them back just before the crunch time and try to win.

Bottom line, for Raptors is important to win the games, no matter how ugly is and after that develop a way to control better the flow and intensity. Right now, Raptors is playing mostly by coincidence, applying what they learn in practice and try not to make mistakes. Once they get better applying basic skills, we hope to see Raptors dominating the game. Even so, I would like to see a moderate Raptors, pushing the tempo enough to win not to make unjustifiable efforts to win big. Save the energy for game 7, championship finals
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