Dino Nation: No Time To Rest For Raptors
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Default Dino Nation: No Time To Rest For Raptors

James from Dino Nation's impressions so far and he discusses Bargnani from last night against the Warriors.

Originally Posted by Dino Nation
CB4 - M.V.P?

He said that he wants to be in the running for the M.V.P award and Chris Bosh is not just talking about it. He is showing you by his actions on the floor. I was surprised when Bosh made the M.V.P comment in a pre-season interview with Sherman Hamilton on Raps T.V. I was happy that Chris Bosh had set his personal bar so high. I said in the past I was not sure if he could reach his lofty goal. However I also said that Chris Bosh was not a guy that I was going to bet against. If I have learned anything about Chris in his time in Toronto it is that he will work hard to make his goals happen. He is a much different type of star than Vince Carter was and is. Carter love him or hate him would never be though of as a blue collar guy. Chris Bosh may earn a pay check that is far from blue collar folks. But he does show the type of work ethic that people who are considered blue collar workers can admire and respect. Bosh is a smart guy and he never makes any comment with out serious thought behind it. When he said that M.V.P comment he knew what it would mean. It would make peopleís expectations of him rise. The crowd has chanted it long before he said it. But now Chris Bosh thinks he can be the M.V.P. After the start he has had, who can argue that he has not backed up his words?

J.O Impact

It may not always be scoring. But J.O is being aggressive on defensive end. He made key blocks last night that were game changers. Jack Armstrong also mentioned the hard fouls that J.O was willing and able to give. It is early on but J.O is already showing the difference he can make for this Raptor team. When everyone around him sees this they canít help but want to get in on the fun. Andrea Bargnani was making some key blocks last night as well. Having a guy like Jermaine OíNeal to help Bargnani learn some tricks of the trade can on benefit him as well. Sure we would all like to see the games like we saw from J.O in Philly. But his impact was felt last night as well just in a different way. J.O will be judged by the number of Wís for the Raptors and not his personal stat line. He will be judged by his impact in the playoffs as well. But two games in we saw to very different types of impact by J.O and both were good.

Andrea Bargnani Busted Loose

I have to tell you that Andrea Bargnani blew me away last night. He had a dominant performance and most of it was in the paint and down low. He really has worked hard in the summer it would appear. It may not look very pretty at this point. But style doesnít matter as long as you are getting it done. So letís see if Andrea can put together back to back solid performances. The bigs on the Bucks will offer a bit of a different challenge. But I have to say that Andrea Bargnani had a very impressive start to his home season. I think that was important too. A lot of fans had been frustrated by Andrea and some had been frustrated and angry.
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I remeber hearing the MVP chants by the fans during OT. It was funny because it's soo early but "MVP,MVP..."
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I don't know if you could hear it on TV but I was at the game and the MVP chants started early in the 1st quarter when Bosh got to the free throw line. It was pretty funny but I started to chant it as loud as I could... we need to suck up to him so he doesn't leave in 2010.
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