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is back baby

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Originally Posted by killabee View Post
i understand
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Originally Posted by Shifty.py View Post
I'm sure Bosh didn't understand the question. They asked whether BAD PLAY of team caused this. But he understood it as if the team had ASKED for Sam to be removed.
Anyway, he wasn't happy. Whether with the losses or the Sam issue I don't know
That's what I thought when I first watched it. That coupled with some crankiness.
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The NBA can be a tough business, everyone knows, and while players and Mitchell's co-workers are far from blameless on his demise, there was far more looking forward than back.
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Originally Posted by bjjs View Post
Except he didn't say anything about blame. He said the ones responsible are the ones who made the decision. Which is about as black and white as you can get.

I loved the answer as well, the real answer, not Benzo's version, because he was completely honest, he didn't say yes just for the sake of saying the right thing, he said the team is 8-9, and it's to early to consider the team underachievers.

It's unrealistic to expect yourself and your team to not go through slumps during an 82 game season in the NBA. I'm sure it's not acceptable to Chris, but he's realistic about it. They're not even a quarter of the way done.

It's a positive answer, he obviously still expects the team to do well this year.

And for the record, we had about 4 wide open back door cuts against Denver, Jose was just to scared to throw the ball.

He understood the question. As to whether he understands what is going on with this franchise - that's another thing.

And boy it's terrific to think we could have the hole of a max size contract. Who needs real players when you can have the possibility of signing real players. Things are really moving forward in this organisation.
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Hey, it's not like Bosh ever got us close to winning a championship, or a playoff round for that matter ... If he wants to go, let him go - he would be overpaid at 22 millions anyway. I would never ever want a player on my team who is only here for the money.

If Bosh doesn't feel any attachment to the team and the city where he became a star (and I'm not saying he doesn't - just IF), then it's better to part ways. Of course, if I were him, I would look to some of the other all stars who left Toronto for a better place (Carter, McGrady) and see how much success they had.

One thing is for sure - if Jalen knows that Bosh will leave for sure, I'm pretty sure BC knows as well. And I'm willing to bet all my money that Jalen has no idea about this whatsoever - because nobody knows these things. There are so many things that can happen until 2010 that it's ludicrous to even attempt to forecast.
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